Fantasy Football Talk


By Carden Hedelt aka MBIIIEffect

This is a new weekly fantasy football post we’re starting here at TLH. I’m happy to answer any fantasy football question you have, just shoot me an e-mail at Here are this week’s questions.

From Frank Smith:

What is your opinion on the worth of Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow for the rest of the year?

It’s tough to say. I own Edwards in my league and I’ve asked the same question of Edwards. Everybody knows that Edwards and Winslow have big-play talent, but something is wrong with Derek Anderson. I’m anxious to see if the point averages for Edwards and Winslow rise if Brady Quinn starts. That being said, I think Winslow is a definite keeper, as there are few tight ends that can put up points like Winslow. See if anyone is interested in Edwards though. 

Which rookie RB’s look like sleepers for big numbers later in the year, guys like Ray Rice, Steve Slaton, Kevin Smith, guys that aren’t putting up the big numbers as of now like Jonathan Stewart and Matt Forte?

I think that your best bet might be Slaton, but I’m not counting on much from other rookie RB’s. Rice is going to be splitting time with a healthy Willis McGahee and their fullback/power-back Le’Ron McClain. Those two are going to put up all the points. Slaton is your best bet among these backs I think. He’s just going to see more of the ball than those that aren’t putting up big numbers yet. Smith gets two thumbs down because Detroit’s offense is still wretched and he has to face 3 good NFC North defenses twice this year.

Any chance we see Cadillac Williams be a valued fantasy guy this year?

I’m not sure. It depends on how strong he returns from his injury if he returns at all this season. Ernest Graham is looking pretty decent for the Bucs as of right now, so I don’t think the Bucs will be in any rush to get Cadillac back.

From Trey Sands:

I am very disappointed in my 2 starting wideouts’ production through 3 weeks (I know it is early). Can you forecast what you think Roy Williams and Santonio Holmes will do?

I think you might be in for more and more frustration from the WR spot through the season. I don’t think Roy is going to put up numbers like he did last year because Calvin Johnson is starting to show his worth, which means more passes going his way instead of to Roy. When you figure in tough NFC North defenses, Roy will struggle to put up numbers like he did last season. Santonio Holmes is also a tough WR to have because of all the weapons that the Steelers have. He’s just not going to be consistent from week to week, which will only drive fantasy owners like you up a wall.

Also I am trying to trade Roy Williams and Dallas Clark right now for Greg Jennings. My team is set at RB with MB3, MJD, Forte, and Brees at QB. What should I do?

You’re right to look for a trade with those WR’s. If you can’t find the right move for Jennings, Jerricho Cotchery could be a good move to make. I think he’s going to become Bret’s favorite target somewhere down the road. That and the Jets don’t face a team with a decent secondary again until week 12 when they play Tennessee.

From Ryan Sharkey:

It’s no secret that quarterbacks have been a mystery so far this season. Brady is out, Manning is missing and even Romo is underperforming based on his standards. Others are simply banged up already, see McNabb and Big Ben. Where are the sleeper Qb’s to help escape a starter points lull? Is it too early to grab Brady Quinn before somebody else picks him up?

That’s a good question. There are two viable options for you if your top quarterback has been underperforming or banged up:

J.T. O’Sullivan: The 49ers have finally found a decent quarterback in O’Sullivan. What’s best for fantasy owners is that O’Sullivan gets five more games against NFC West opponents this year. The Seahawks are the only team that play defense in the NFC West and O’Sullivan put up 321 in week 2. He’s owned in 45% of ESPN fantasy football leagues.
Trent Edwards: The Bills have been the team that has impressed me the most out of all 32 teams around the league in the first three weeks of this season. Edwards has been a big part of the early success for the Bills, and their next two opponents are St. Louis and Arizona, which are good match-ups for Edwards. Edwards is owned in 51.3% of ESPN fantasy football leagues.