Power Rankings: Dallas Is The Best Team In NFL

Dallas Cowboys
Easily the top ranked team in the NFL. Just loaded with talent, all of whom have new hefty longterm contracts.
San Diego Chargers
Loaded with talent as well. Poor Norv Turner…you would think he’d eventually get one.
New England Patriots
Hard to keep these guys out of the top 3. A lot of bitterness is in the throats of these players. Could be tough.
Pittsburgh Steelers
A great backfield with a real strong quarterback. If the defense can pick it up a notch, the Steelers will be tough to beat.
Indianapolis Colts
Anytime you have Peyton Manning behind center, it is tough to put them out of the playoffs like I did earlier in the year. I change my mind.
Jacksonville Jaguars
Real tough, big defense with a questionable offense. They played the Pats tough last year in the playoffs. I don’t see them getting worse.
Cleveland Browns
I got a lot of criticism for putting the Browns third last time, so I dropped them a few positions. Hey, that offense is good. Weapons all over the place. If the defense improves just a teeny bit, this is a team of power.
New York Giants
Although they lost 4 starters from that Super Bowl winning defense, the main guys are back. Could prove to be a tough team down the stretch with the conditioned coach they have.
Green Bay Packers
Favre or not, the Packers should be able to continue success. They just signed their running back too, boosting his confidence.
Seattle Seahawks
I think Julius Jones will help bring youth back to the backfield. The defense is decent. Overall, the Hawks are a playoff team.
Minnesota Vikings
Could be the biggest surprise in the league. Biggest problem is quarterback. They have not addressed it.
Tennessee Titans
The Titans still didn’t get a receiver for Vince Young. I have no clue why they don’t get him a playmaker because he cannot run the ball all day long.
New Orleans Saints
They have to improve on the disappointment of last year. Reggie Smith is either a star or a bust. He has to show his stuff this year.
Houston Texans
For the first time in the team history, the Texans looked like a playoff caliber team. Matt Schaub is the real deal when healthy.
Philadeplphia Eagles
Donovan McNabb is dangerous. No way out of that. But can he play a whole season? Doubt it. If he does, they will be tough.
Arizona Cardinals
They Cards may not make the playoffs, but they will show some slight improvement. Second year coach Wisenhunt wants this team to do well.
Washington Redskins
The Skins won’t make the playoffs. Too many injuries throughout the season will really hurt these guys.
Buffalo Bills
Don’t be surprised if the Bills move up a few notches and squeak into the playoffs. They have the players. It just depends on if Trent Edwards is real or now.
Tampa Bay Bucs
Jeff Garcia has one old receiver to throw to, and Cadillac Williams may not be 100 percent. This team won’t surprise like they did last year.
Cincinnati Bengals
Carson Palmer? You there? You have to revive this team or your coach is gone. Defense has been the Achiles Heel. But Palmer has the weapons to turn the scales for wins.
Denver Broncos
I wanted to put these guys even lower. Decent young quarterback with absolutely no team chemistry.
Carolina Panthers
Who is the quarterback for these guys now? I doubt they go far with the crop they have right now.
Chicago Bears
No quarterback. No receivers. No running back. Ouch.
Detroit Lions
Jon Kitna sucks. I am so sick of this turd.
St. Louis Rams
Not a whole lot left from the powerful offensive days. Defense is still horrid.
Baltimore Ravens
They’ve had quarterback problems since this team began in Baltimore. They still do. These guys just aren’t that scary anymore.
NY Jets
I had this team much farther up the chart last time. But I came to my senses. A few years away, but I do think the Jets have pieces of a good team.
Oakland Raiders
Darren McFadden should help them win 6 games maybe.
San Fran 49ers
They will continue to disappoint. Not much on this team in receivers or defense. Not sure the quarterback is what they thought, either.
Atlanta Falcons
They might win 3 or 4 games, and it will be more than the Chiefs and Dolphins win.
Kansas City Chiefs
Awful team. One average receiver and an runner coming off a serious injury. I don’t see the Chiefs doing much at all with a weak quarterback.
Miami Dolphins
Bill Parcells is not the answer for this organization. They are in serious rebuild mode and they need to find a QB real fast.
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