Top 10 Reasons To Hate Washington Redskins


In the final series, we saved the best for last. I truly dislike the Washington Redskins more than any other team in the NFL, with the Eagles a close second. I dislike the Redskins even more because I live in an area loaded with Redskins fans and it is nauseating.

Don’t give me this “hate is a strong word” crap either. There’s no reason, NONE, to like the Redskins.

We enjoyed doing the first two in the series, because the Eagles and Giants truly stink when it comes to the Dallas Cowboys.  We bring to you the Top 10 Reasons to Hate the Washington Redskins:

10. We didn’t steal your stupid fight song. The tale has gotten so skewed by lying Redskins fans and the organization. The truth is, the Redskins stabbed a dear friend in the back and he decided to sell the fight song. No one stole it. End of the lie.

9. Laron Landry tried to cripple Terry Glenn in the final game last season. Hey, I am not saying it was an illegal hit because it wasn’t. But Landry purposely slid toward Glenn’s knees. It was disgusting and I saw it was done on purpose.

8. The Redskins tried to block the Cowboys from starting a franchise. What an a-hole George Marshall is; I mean serious. He was so concerned about a team starting in Texas? What the hell is wrong this this guy and the organization? His plan failed, like almost everything the Skins try to do that involves the Cowboys.

7. Dan Snyder. This one is so easy. The guy is not only the worst NFL owner in history, he is also a complete a-hole. He has no idea how to run a football team and he can be blamed for a host of horrible football moves in an attempt to bring the Redskins back to winning seasons. Yeah, other than a few lucky seasons, he truly has failed. He’s a little wussball, too. I mean, seriously, who doesn’t look at him and want to strangle him? I do.

6. The Hogettes: A bunch of fat, ugly crossdressing men? Gross.

5. Joe Theisman: Not only one of the most overrated quarterbacks ever, he also is a steroid user. Theisman also is a big mouth. This is a lesser known fact, but Theisman criticized his old CFL team Toronto Argonauts for picking up running back Ricky Williams because of his pot smoking problems. Theisman forgot that his own son was busted for pot possession. Genius. He also forgot his own steroid use. Genius. Strip him off all accolades. He cheated.

4. John Riggins: Man this guy is a dink. He co-hosts a Redskins pre-game talk show and he’s just awful. Not only that, he is a drunk. In May 1992, he was busted in Alexandria for drunk driving. Terrific, tough guy. What a role model. See, the problem with this guy is his ego. His head was bigger than his heart.

3. In Week 2 of the 2005 season, the Dallas Cowboys retired the jerseys of the triplets, Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman and Michael Irvin. We faced the Washington Redskins and the Cowboys dominated the Redskins. While trying to run out the clock in the fourth quarter commanding a 13-0 lead, loser Mark Brunell pulled a comeback out of his rear. With four minutes to go he threw two touchdowns to worthless Santana Moss to win the game. It sucked. The game is the epitome of why we should hate the Redskins.

2. On Jan. 22, 1983, the Dallas Cowboys faced the Washington Redskins in the NFC Championship Game. Drug addict Dexter Manley violently collided with quarterback Danny White, sending him to the locker room early. Manley should have been in jail at this time for his drug use. Probably more painful was watching that idiot John Riggins rush for 140 yards and two touchdowns to lead the Redskins to the victory. Not only did this team have drug-using cheaters, they didn’t deserve the championship over the Cowboys, truly a respectable team. Danny White belongs in the Hall of Fame and this was the game that likely stole it from his reach.

1. George Marshall: Complete racist. He refused to hire any black players. His racism was just outright hate and disgusting, and no NFL fan should ever forget it. The Redskins breed hate and they were the last team in the NFL to bow to equality. Pathetic.