Reasons To Hate The New York Giants


By MBIIIEffect

This is a new three-part segment that we’re going to run on why we hate the other teams in our division. There’s no division that hates each other like the NFC East. The Cowboys/Redskins rivalry is arguably the biggest in the NFL. The Eagles are among the most-hateful fans on the face of the earth. Giants fans have been spewing the hate ever since they won the Super Bowl.

That being said, I respect all the fans of teams in the NFC East because of the passion that they have for their own teams. These posts are made in order to start conversation. Don’t take it personally.

These are the top 10 reasons why WE SHOULD HATE the NY Giants:

10. You a-holes beat us in the playoffs. Didn’t you get the memo that it was our year? Jerks.

9. Jeremy Shockey. I love watching a tight ends spike the ball after 3 yard gains. Then you didn’t trade him. So now, I get to see him twice a year, spiking the ball after 3 yard gains. Sweet. Explain why you didn’t take a trade offer to me sometime.

8. Nobody releases someone with a nickname like “The Round Mound of Touchdown” and gets away with it.

7. When you beat us once in the playoffs, you all immediately thought that you were better than us. You were better than us that day. You immediately forgot that we beat you twice in the regular season. Yeah, yeah, you’re going to say “…but we beat you when it counts!” This is the NFL. Every game counts. That argument is wrong, stupid and annoying. What really happened was you were hot coming into the playoffs, and we weren’t. We were banged up, and you were firing on all cylinders. You beat us fair and square in the playoffs. But I still think that we had the better team.

6. Your defense has a theme song. Boooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

5. Michael Strahan cheated his way into the single-season sack record: (from “EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — Michael Strahan of the New York Giants broke the NFL record for sacks in a season, and only Brett Favre will ever know if the record-setter was a gift. Strahan got sack No. 22½ with 2:42 left in the fourth quarter Sunday, falling on Favre after the Green Bay Packers‘ quarterback rolled out and went down at the feet of the defensive end. The sack broke the 17-year-old record of 22 set by Mark Gastineau in 1984. The play looked questionable because the Packers were leading 34-25 and Favre didn’t have a blocker in front of him on the rollout. Favre, who joked during the week that he might “work out a little side deal” with Strahan to allow him to get the record, called a run in the huddle, teammates said.” You can read the rest of the article here.
4. Your organization is weak. Your whole offensive line just got new contracts locking them up for years, while Plaxico Burress is still pissed and threatening to sit out without a new deal. You need to give Plax a new deal. He’s a special talent in the NFL and, like T.O., has to be handled carefully. If the Giants organization knew anything, you’d give him a new deal.

3. Shit like this:;jsessionid=C167ECEA6FF458973C66F6D45C8197CA?campaign=ec0006&videoId=09000d5d8091af20

2. Eli Manning. This slack-jawed yokel stumbles his way into a Super Bowl, gets out of a tackle that Tony Romo could’ve broken in his sleep and makes a nice toss. The kid got lucky. Period. All of you forgot that he was a marginal quarterback ever since he came into the league and even for a big part of last season. Nevermind the fact that all of New York wanted him run out of town before last season.

1. Tiki Barber. Giants fans threw Tiki under the bus after he made the RIGHT call as an analyst. Nevermind the fact that he gave you 10 seasons, shouldered your stagnant offense for most of those seasons, and singlehandedly took you to the Super Bowl (he had 5 yards shy of 2500 yards that season). When he criticized the Giants, you forgot all that, and you threw him under the bus. Unforgiveable.