Dallas Cowboys Draft Cornerback, Wide Receiver In First Round Because We Can Ignore The Rumors For One Day!!

Team1st Round

1. Miami Dolphins -Chris Long, DE, Virginia

  • Hey, I know about the rumors that the Dolphins want to get rid of this pick, and I am well aware that the Cowboys are invoked as the taker more than any other team. But I can fight it. I will fight it. Glenn Dorsey’s stock has dropped. Chris Long’s has gone up. He’s just more athletic than Dorsey.
2. St. Louis Rams -Glenn Dorsey, DT, LSU

  • The Rams cannot complain with getting Dorsey. He’ll be a run stopper on the front line, which the Rams desperately need.
3. Atlanta Falcons-Darren McFadden, RB, Arkansas

  • Let’s hope this is where McFadden goes. The Falcons may not need McFadden but he is the best player available in the draft.

4. Oakland Raiders -Sedrick Ellis, DT, USC

  • The Raiders will certainly grab a defensive tackle with this pick to fill the hole because of Warren Sapp’s retirement. Ellis may not be the one, but for this mock he is.

5. Kansas City Chiefs –Jake Long, OT, Michigan

  • The Chiefs will bypass taking a quarterback here. Jake Long will go a long way in helping the Chiefs return to dominance at the front. He will help bring that running game back above par.
6. New York Jets –Vernon Gholston, DE/OLB, Ohio State

  • Is Gholston the next Merriman? Might be. He might even be better. The Jets could take all kinds of top players right here, but I think sticking to defense, which wins games (Giants) will take them farther in the NFL.
7. New England Patriots (From 49ers) –Mike Jenkins CB South Florida

  • With Asante Samuel likely gone, the Patriots will most likely watch the combines looking for the best cornerback available. There are several good ones, and it will be a craps shoot of trying to figure out who will be the best one. Jenkins will be good and I think this is their best bet.

8. Baltimore Ravens -Matt Ryan, QB, Boston College

  • The Ravens should be very happy that no one above them, other than maybe the Chiefs, needs a QB. Ryan is the top QB in every single mock.

9. Cincinnati Bengals – Keith Rivers, OLB, USC

  • He’s not the biggest linebacker but he’s very athletic. What boggles my mind is how a defensive minded coach like Marvin Lewis can have such a bad defense. The Bengals should pick defense with every single pick they have and reach for the stars.
10. New Orleans Saints -Malcolm Kelly, WR, Oklahoma

  • I don’t know why everyone has the Saints grabbing a cornerback first. Sure, the defense and secondary was questionable, but why not pair someone up with Colston? They never did replace Joe Horn. Why pass on Kelly?

11. Buffalo Bills -Leodis McKelvin, CB, Troy State

  • The Bills may take a receiver here, but when you lose a player like Nate Clemens, replacing him with a young guy who can come in right away and be a big play stopper, they should do it.

12. Denver Broncos -Kenny Phillips, S, Miami

  • John Lynch is old. Real old. He may play for one more year, but Phillips will be a good replacement. He’s by far the best safety in the draft.
13. Carolina Panthers –Derrick Harvey, DE, Florida

  • Possibly a steal at this point, Harvey is a QB’s nightmare. Mean and quick off the snap, Harvey should get his fair share of sacks in the NFL.

14. Chicago Bears – Ryan Clady, OT, Boise State

  • The running game really never took off for the Bears. Bringing in Clady should help. Or maybe they do need a new running back. I wanted to go crazy and put QB Joe Flacco here because I think the guy is going to surprise people. But the Bears can likely grab him in the second round. Go with offensive line, almost always a good pick.

15. Detroit Lions Aqib Talib, CB, Kansas

  • The Lions just let go corner Fernando Bryant, so unless they plan to make a big splash in free agency, the Lions need to pick the best corner available. Talib’s stock keeps rising like the sun in the morning.
16. Arizona Cardinals -Jonathan Stewart, RB, Oregon

  • Did you see this guy’s frame at the combine? Compare his frame to McFadden’s. You can’t. Stewart is a monster. And he ran a 4.4 40 dash. Wow. Edge can’t run much longer, but while he is still trying, Stewart would make a great addition for a two-back system.

17. Minnesota Vikings -DeSean Jackson, WR, California

  • One fast mo-fo, the Vikes certainly need a playmaker at wideout. But if their QB cannot get him the ball, this could be a problem. Maybe the Vikes can grab Flacco or Andre Woodson in the second round and just pray. But the team is on the upswing.
18. Houston Texans -Rashard Mendenhall, RB, Illinois

  • The Texans can’t bank on Ahman Green so they should just go for the best running back in the draft to ensure the team keeps improving and has youth at key positions for the future.
19. Philadelphia Eagles -Limas Sweed, WR, Texas

  • Since McNabb will be traded, the Eagles need a young guy for Kolb to throw at.
20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers -Brian Brohm, QB, Louisville

  • Jeff Garcia is a journeyman. Chris Simms didn’t cut it. The Bucs will seriously consider taking a quarterback in the first round because there really isn’t anyone left after Garcia packs his bags.

21. Washington Redskins -Reggie Smith, S-CB, Oklahoma

  • A good instincts corner with speed and toughness. The Redskins may want to replace Sean Taylor with someone who could fill his spot right away.
22. Dallas Cowboys (From Browns) –CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, TSU

  • He’s 6-feet -inches tall which is a huge advantage for a corner. The Cowboys have to be smart here and go with the top need with this pick. Corner is it. And I do not think this is a bad pick.
23. Pittsburgh SteelersSam Baker, OT, USC

  • The offensive line for the Steelers is losing one, if not two, starters. Baker may go sooner, but the Steelers will certainly pick the best offensive lineman left.
24. Tennessee Titans -James Hardy, WR, Indiana

  • The Titans need a wide out really bad. Hardy might be the best one available. Good length. Mario Manningham hasn’t looked that great in the combines. I think Hardy will go first.

25. Seattle Seahawks -Felix Jones, RB, Arkansas

  • Ohhhh, this could bite the Cowboys, but who knows. Shaun Alexander is over the hill and although the Seahawks plan to run him into a wall, Jones could certainly help relieve some of the carrying load. Another team likely to jump on the two-back bandwagon.
26. Jacksonville JaguarsKentwan Balmer, DT, North Carlolina

  • The Jags had a great season. The biggest need they have is at DT. Balmer’s stock continues to rise.
27. San Diego ChargersChris Williams, OT, Vandy

  • The Chargers don’t have a lot of holes. So, it must be nice to pick the best player available no matter what he plays. Chris Williams is having a good combine and he is a good bet. You can never have enough good offensive lineman. He just may be a great one.
28. Dallas Cowboys -Andre Caldwell, WR, Florida

  • I love this guy. He had a great Senior Bowl. His combine numbers are strong. No one is likely to look at him for the first round, but I feel real good about this guy. He’s a team player, aggressive, a playmaker, great hands and he’s super fast. I don’t think this is a stretch to grab Caldwell here.
29. San Francisco 49ers (From Colts) -Calais Campbell, DE, Miami

  • You could put just about any player here. The 49ers are hurting all over the place. Go with defense first and Campbell, if he falls this deep, is a great pick for a team that has struggled on defense for years.
30. Green Bay Packers –Dan Connor, LB, Penn State

  • Another team that doesn’t have a bunch of needs. Connor would make a nice tandem with AJ Hawk, and Connor can play either side of the ball. The corners went fast, so the Packers might as well shore up the linebackers.

31. New York Giants -Phillip Merling, DE, Clemson

  • Michael Strahan cannot keep playing, and he may not even return for this season. The Giants have a few holes, mainly at corner, but they need to eye Strahan’s replacement now.

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