Mock Draft: CB/S Reggie Smith, WR Manningham to Dallas; Roy Williams Dropped!

Team1st Round

1. Miami Dolphins -Glen Dorsey, DT, LSU

  • Miami has a lot of needs but with the aging defense, Dorsey can provide help right away. He’ll start immediately for the Dolphins.
2. St. Louis Rams -Chris Long, DE, Virginia

  • Long comes on every play and he is persistent. The Rams do not have a good defense and the defensive line is one of the biggest problems. Chris Long is almost guaranteed to be a Ram.
3. Atlanta Falcons -Darren McFadden, RB, Arkansas

  • The Falcons can still use Warrick Dunn, but McFadden can provide the duo backfield that is becoming popular in the NFL. However, McFadden will eventually be the sole back in Atlanta for this rebuilding effort.

4. Oakland Raiders -Sedrick Ellis, DT, USC

  • Warren Sapp is retiring and Ellis likely can come in immediately to fill that hole.

5. Kansas City Chiefs -Jake Long, OT, Michigan

  • Chiefs fans apparently are happy with Brodie Croyle. Okie dokie. You get Long then. No complaints here because he will open up holes for the running game.
6. New York Jets –Desean Jackson, WR, California

  • I know, a bit of a stretch here, but enough is enough: The Jets need a playmaker. Jackson is one and he can help this team. Defense will have to come in the second round or free agency.
7. New England Patriots (From 49ers) –Vernon Gholston DE/OLB, Ohio State

  • Mocks are putting Gholston even higher than this so if he is available at 7, the Pats will take him. Young talent at this position is necessary for the Pats

8. Baltimore Ravens -Matt Ryan, QB, Boston College

  • Another bust for the Ravens at QB? Highly doubtful. A lot of sports geeks are drooling over this guy. The Ravens might have won a lot more games with a decent QB. Here he comes.

9. Cincinnati Bengals –Keith Rivers, OLB, USC

  • Defense. Defense. Defense. The Bengals have been saying this for 10 years. Fingers crossed for this poor franchise. Rivers is a good pick here.
10. New Orleans Saints -Kenny Phillips, S, Miami

  • Secondary is a huge problem for the Saints. Phillips is easily the top prospect at this position in the draft.

11. Buffalo Bills -Ryan Clady, OT, Boise St.

  • You’ve got your running back so you might as well develop as solid a front line as possible. I know you need a corner too, but Clady is going to help you for a decade.

12. Denver Broncos -Limus Sweed, WR, Texas

  • It seems like Denver has a good QB but no receiver wants to stay there or perform.
13. Carolina Panthers-Brian Brohm, QB, Louisville

  • The Panthers will look to turn a new leaf with Brohm and steal him from the Bears who will take him if he is available.

14. Chicago Bears -Andre Woodson, QB, Kentucky

  • They wanted Brohm, but they’ll settle with Woodson. Anyone is better than what they have.

15. Detroit LionsJonathan Stewart, RB, Oregon

  • The Lions cannot stay healthy at this position so they will keep trying.
16. Arizona Cardinals –Aqib Talib, CB, Kansas

  • Talib’s stock went up quite a bit with his stellar performance in the bowl game against Va Tech.

17. Minnesota Vikings –Calais Campbell, DE, Miami

  • He has character problems but the Vikes don’t care. They need young talent at this position so bad to improve that decent defense.
18. Houston Texans –Rashard Mendenhall, RB, Ill

  • Ahmad Green won’t be healthy ever again. Bringing in someone like Mendenhall now is perfect for the Texans, who really look to be an up and coming force in the NFL.
19. Philadelphia Eagles -Malcolm Kelly, WR, Okla

  • I am not sure Kevin Curtis is whom Kevin Kolb had in mind for a top receiver. By the way, Donovan McNabb is going to be traded.
20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers -Early Doucet, WR, LSU

  • Great hands. Powerful. Smart. With little life left for Joey Galloway, Doucet can take over.

21. Washington Redskins –Quentin Groves, DE/OLB, Auburn

  • Why did they pass on Gaines Adams? This is the Redskins chance to pair someone with Carter. Groves is awesome.
22. Dallas Cowboys (From Browns) –Reggie Smith CB/S, Okla

  • The fact he can play corner and safety is important for the Cowboys because we’re tired of current safety Roy Williams. And I would bet the Cowboys are targeting Asante Samuel in free agency.
23. Seattle Seahawks -Felix Jones, RB, Arkansas

  • Dallas may grab him first but somehow, someway, the Seahawks should and will draft a running back first. They need to, if this year was any indication.
24. Pittsburgh Steelers -Sam Baker, OT, USC

  • The Steelers may lose a couple of their offensive lineman so they better snag Baker because he’s a steal here.

25. Tennessee Titans –Adarius Bowman, WR, OKL St

  • You just better hope Vince can throw to this guy.
26. New York Giants –Mike Jenkins, CB, USF

  • Although a decimated secondary found ways to win, miracles happen from time to time. But the Giants need to secure the secondary for next year.
27. San Diego Chargers -Dan Connor, LB, Penn State

  • The Chargers clearly need another linebacker to round off the defense. Connor has been put as high as a top 10 pick. So snag him if he is there.
28. Jacksonville JaguarsBrandon Flowers, CB, VA Tech

  • The Jags will have to improve the pass defense in the pass-happy AFC. Flowers is getting a lot of attention.
29. Dallas Cowboys -Mario Manningham, WR, Michigan

  • I might be the first mock that doesn’t have Dallas picking a running back right away. It all depends. Personally, I am not against with that 22 pick putting Felix Jones in there. It’s really up in the air at this point. But there is a Manningham fan club on I joined it.

30. Green Bay Packers -Antoine Cason, CB, Arizona

  • One of the only teams that doesn’t have a ton of holes to fill. The Packers have some aging corners though and Cason could come in to learn.

31. San Francisco 49ers (From Colts) -James Hardy, WR, Indiana

  • Please give Alex Smith someone to throw to! I mean, it is ridiculous that he’s getting criticized with that crap receiving corps.

32. FORFEITED-CHEATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!