Aug 29, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys inside linebacker Sean Lee (50) on the sidelines during the game against the Houston Texans at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Cowboys Curse Continues

Was it me?  Was it something I did?  I can’t help but feel at least partially responsible.  A mere two days after my prediction that the Dallas Cowboys could win ten games this season, a prediction that hinged on having a healthy Sean Lee all year. Now he is officially out for the season with a torn ACL. 

This officially cements the Dallas Cowboy’s as one of the most snake bitten teams in recent history, and completely throws out my prediction.

As much as I hate to admit it, now six wins sounds about right.  The true sign of a snake bitten team, is one where anything that can go wrong does.  A team that should be performing much better, that should be winning more games, but instead finds themselves shaking their heads at the end of the season wondering where it all went wrong. 

And therein lies the problem.  When it’s difficult to figure out where things went wrong, it’s even harder to know how to fix them.  The easiest problems to spot are obviously the ones that can be supported with figures.  For example, a large amount of hurry’s and sacks on a quarterback plus a weak yards per run average point to an obvious offensive line issue.  In turn, a high number in overall points and yards allowed clearly points to defensive problems.  This isn’t rocket surgery…right?

So, we draft to address an obvious need with Zack Martin, hoping to sure up our offensive line and in turn take some pressure off of the defense.  What happens?  The very athlete (Martin) drafted to accomplish this accidentally takes our best defensive player (Lee) out for the entire season during the OTA’s.  What are the odds?

Honestly, if you’re the Dallas Cowboy’s, the odds are pretty good.  From the start of this millennium the Cowboy’s just can’t win for losing.  Whatever we seem to do, whatever we try to fix, something somewhere down the line is going to go absolutely catastrophic.  People blame the usual suspects, Jerry Jones, Tony Romo (or the current quarterback), and Jason Garrett (or whoever the couch at the time happens to be). 

If only it were that simple.  I’m not saying that I haven’t questioned a few calls here and there, but what fan of any team hasn’t?  Wade Phillips couldn’t get it done here, then went on to immediately be very successful when returning to the role of defensive coordinator.  Jason Garrett has been put in the hot seat by fans and media starting his first year out of the gate, and I promise you, if we get rid of him we will all watch him go on to be successful elsewhere.

We were plagued by injuries, so we hired back Mike Woicik, who since leaving Dallas in the late 90′s has gone on to win six Super Bowls, an NFL record.  Yet we still manage to lose key players every year that subsequently change the trajectory of our season. 

Rob Ryan was prematurely let go for not successfully duct taping his injury riddled defense into a functional unit.  Now, he’s coaching a better defense and ours is still falling apart. 

For those that want to blame Jones for everything, think about this, he structured Lee’s contract to be largely performance based.  So as devastating as it is to lose him at least we are not paying full price for him to sit on the bench, saving us precious cap money. 

I think we need more performance based contracts, and as much as the injuries have been piling up league wide since the new CBA, I think we will see more of this kind of structuring from every team moving forward.

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  • Webbman

    He [Woicik] did not go on and win 6 Super Bowls after leaving Dallas! He won 3 with Dallas! Damn check your facts

    • Trueblue5433

      He didn’t say all the Super Bowls were won with other teams. He said after leaving Dallas, Woicik went on to win 6 Super Bowls as in a total of 6, an NFL record. Damn, you are grasping at straws to find mistakes in other people’s work!

  • josh

    This guy is a major d bag!!! He is talking like this season is over, we lost a single player! One of which we are use to jot having, give the team some credit we r in a weak division! In which we went 7-1 last season come on man dont be dumb!!!

    • Payden McVey

      We only played 6 division games last year, same as we do every year. Don’t be dumb.

      • Earl Robertson


  • Greg Hill

    Stop signing players with a history of knee injuries! It’s rocket science not rocket surgery. So Mr. Huff, how long have you been president of the cowboys fan club?

    • Cowboysfan4678

      It’s clearly an intentional mix of the terms “rocket science” and “Brian surgery” to sarcastically imply how simple it is! Too bad you weren’t intelligent enough to get that.

      • Cowboysfan4678

        * “brain surgery”. And I’ve seen the saying several dozen times as an intentional use of mixed metaphors.

        • Greg Hill

          Thanks professor! Now here’s a cookle and a glass of milk.

          • Cowboysfan4678

            You’ve confused me with a small child outside of your van.

  • Earl Robertson

    Not sure if this Josh huff is really named Michael Huff?? Or they brothers

  • Viper4

    The stats indicate that the Dallas defense was only marginally worse with Lee on the field, a suggestion that the problem was systemic.

    As an analogy, few would put Kyle Orlon in Romo’s class but last year with the season on the line against the Eagles he had the Cowboys in a position to win because Dallas had made compensatory moves with its offensive strategies.

    Second, just as the Rams season was hardly over when the Rams lost Trent Green for the 1999 season and the previously unknown Kurt Warner turned out to be all world, and Bledsoe going down for the Patriots gave Tom Brady his shot, the loss of Lee could open the door for a player to step in that will have turned out to be a real sleeper.

  • Viper4

    Stats indicate that without Lee, Dallas’ defense is only marginally worse–at best. In 2012, for example, Lee was lost in late October when the Cowboys were 3-3; they went 5-4 the rest of the way.

    Second, just as the injuries to Trent Green in 1999 and Drew Bledsoe in 2001, allowed Kurt Warner and Tom Brady to showcase their abilities, the loss of Lee can open the door for a sleeper to emerge who would not otherwise have had the chance. (As a third example I will sight the season-ending loss of Phil Simms in 1990
    which necessitated Jeff Hostetler taking the Giants through the playoffs to the Super Bowl and winning it.)

    Until the revamped Cowboys’ linebacker rotation gets a chance to play, any speculation that the loss of Lee will cost the Cowboys four games is utterly premature.

  • Trueblue5433

    I agree. First of all, I didn’t think the author was implying that the season is over, more like “here we go again” with the bad luck and injuries. Also, only a true d-bag wouldn’t recognize that Sean Lee isn’t “just one player”. Lee is the BEST defensive player we have not to mention a captain and coach on the field! He is much more valuable than a single roster spot.