Dec 2, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) smiles prior to the game against the Philadelphia Eagles at Cowboys Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

‘RomoRage’ Growing In CowboysNation

Romo-haters are taking it up a notch.

Where once it was enough to simply say Dallas Cowboy’s QB, Tony Romo, stinks, now some are even suggesting Tim Tebow would be a better option for the Cowboys.  That’s just mean.  Not only that, but many are blindly attacking Romo’s personal integrity, like that has anything to do with his QB skills.

It’s not just in Texas either.  Out here in California, I struck up a conversation with a guy that noticed my watch had a blue star on it.  “Cowboys fan, huh?” he said.  Then with out waiting for any kind of confirmation, he starts telling me how horrible Tony Romo is.  How he’s just in it for the money and could care less about you and me.  This guy, who doesn’t know me from Adam, thousands of miles away from Dallas, just goes off to me about Romo.  He just assumes I already agree with him because I’m a Cowboys fan.

Thing about it was, his intensity took me aback a little bit so I hesitated for a second to think of how I could tell him that I like Romo and that I think the real issue is Garrett’s offensive scheme.  But the only thing I could think of quickly was Romo’s stats.  That he has a plus 90 rating every year and not Aikman nor Staubach can say that.  Big mistake. “Statistics don’t mean sh@#, the guys a loser!” he tells me.  All of a sudden, I’m realizing that this total stranger is ready to get into an argument with another total stranger about Tony Romo.  He assumes I’m a Cowboys fan and I guess I should assume he’s a Cowboys fan too. but I don’t know for sure.

The guy abruptly ends the conversation before I’m able to contemplate how to end it myself or continue the conversation in defense of Romo.  “Let’s hope Jerry pulls his head out his ass before he destroys the team.  Go Cowboys!” he said and walked away.  “Go Cowboys” I said as he left.  Then another bystander who overheard the conversation, says to me, gesturing toward the guy that just left, “Diehard Cowboys fan”.  I just nodded.  Then this new guy says “I’m a Raiders fan, we’re not crazy like you guys (meaning Cowboys fans) are”.

This made me think of two things:  Cowboys fans are everywhere, and when did Cowboys fans start to seem crazy to Raiders fans?  The answer to that second thought might just be, when Tony Romo became our quarterback.

I don’t remember, even in the Danny White days, a Cowboys player that is more polarizing than Romo.  And not just in the NFL.  Romo made the list of most disliked sports figures, along with Michael Vick and Lance Armstrong.  I don’t think Romo killed dogs for sport or doped to win races and lied about it, but he’s on the list just the same.  Tony brings out a level of rage in some people that makes no sense.  Coaches and players and scouts that are much wiser about these things, say Romo is a very good QB.  How come so many diehard Cowboys fans, and people like Joe Theismann think he’s not good at all?  This all begs the question:

What did Tony Romo ever do to you?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for varying opinions, especially about Romo.  Let’s face it, he’s earned much of the criticism.  But, why the RomoRage?  Is it because he seemed like the QB that was gonna take the Cowboys back to it’s rightful place in the SuperBowl, but never did?  A promise never kept? A promise Romo never made, but one that we imposed on him because of his potential?  The sports media was dying to make the Cowboys relevant again, because they are always ratings juggernauts,  Romo comes along and they, along with owner Jerry Jones, hyped him to much?  That’s not Romo’s fault either.

What ever the cause,  Romo-haters are not satisfied to just not like Romo,  they are in a rage about him.  No matter how illogical or off base.

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  • Dallas Fan

    Haters gonna hate! I’m giving Romo the benefit of doubt until we improve the OL, when that has been done and we still can’t make it through a few playoff games then I will rethink my opinion.

  • Jennie Rosales-Wolfgeher

    It is not just one persons fault! I give that to Romo! But when you watch him play all season and people get a little bit of faith back into him and then he can’t do his job in the end. We have a problem! Since the first year he got Romo and he was hiked the ball at the first playoff game of the year and he missed the catch and chased it around the field, I have had a problem with him. He is able to be an awesome player BUT he can’t finish! I have Romo rage for years now and am now to the point of I told you so!! We need a better overall Offensive Line but it is gonna take more than just Romo. Give me T-bow he isn’t getting to play anyways and at least we would have a chance to come back! The least we could do is what we have needed for years, draft a new quarterback!

    • Vale Torres

      go bake cookies Wolfhugger or whatever it is you are good at and stop talking about something you obviously know very little about.

  • Rocklayer99

    With a LINE he will be FINE. Tebow often looks like he’s throwing with the wrong hand. Gimme a break.

  • Doomsday

    Why are you guys jerking Romo off! Yes the line sucks but he also had a good line, not great, but oh yeah it was their fault when he over throws a wide open receiver or throws a stupid interception. Retire all ready Homo and go play golf in Mexico

    • jamesabel7

      Thank you for once again proving the ignorance of all the “romo haters”

  • Juanito Juanito

    dont worry about romo haters, they only show that have a low iq and doesnt know nothing about football, they said all is romo fault and said romo should make a discount for cowboys, what a joke

  • Michael Vu

    Interesting. I think it has to do with the position, and also the team itself. In Aikman’s last years, I remember specifically people calling for his head. This is after Aikman — the Golden Boy — won 3 Super Bowls, and ended his career with most wins as a starting QB in the 90′s.

    And because of the Cowboy’s popularity in the states and around the world, it’s lovely for opposing fans to mock or trash.

  • Datschu

    Bottom line is that romo makes most of his mistakes with the game on the line! Period point blank. Who cares if he’s thrown five tds in a game but at the end throws the one pick that costs the team the w??? Wins and losses are all that really matters in this league as a qb. Go ask roger and Troy.

    • jamesabel7

      That is simply not true, you are watching games with some sort of clouded goggles. Do you know how many 4th quarter comebacks he had this season? Do you know how many he would have in his career if the defense wasn’t so bad giving up game winning drives after he brought us back? Fans like you are exactly the people he is talking about. This is a “TEAM” game romo doesnt win or lose these games all on his own. But he does put us in a situation to win a lot of games that no other qb in the league could other than maybe rogers because he is running for his life every single play.

      Have you ever considered how many picks he has thrown that a WR ran the wrong route? How many other qbs in the league have to

      1. tell the Wr’s where to line up

      2. Try to score points somehow, with the defense knowing its going to be a pass because we cannot run.

      3. Dodge a defender as soon as he catches the snap every play.

      4. Score 30+ points a game because our defense has trouble keeping teams below that.

      5. Make good throws trusting the wr’s to be in the right spot when the constantly run the wrong routes.

      6. Play with one Wr sort of. because miles austin is always hurt and it took dez until the mid point of last year to get it figured out and we aren’t smart enough to play harris.

      You can ask roger and troy all you want and compare him to them all you want, but those guys had good teams. And troy had the greatest team in football history, romo has been given piss poor mediocre teams that wouldnt win 4 games without him.

      Stop with all the nonsense it is not our god given right as fans to celebrate our team winning the super bowl because we are cowboy fans, gods team, americas team. whatever you want to call it. It’s very simple why we haven’t won anything and have been terrible for 18 years jerry is clueless and has no idea how to build a team. I assume it was romos fault we didn’t win all the years before him? You people sound like obama placing every single bit of blame on george bush get a clue please.

      • CowboysFan

        I used to agree with all the stuff you said, and the stuff your saying is true, to an extent. While Datschu is not entirely correct about winning while the game is on the line, if he was more specific and said elimination games, he would be correct. Romo is 1-6 in elimination games. Period. Now whether you say its a team sport and is, it cant be denied that Romo makes flat out stupid decisions. Look no further then the redskins game last year, that stupid screen pass interception. No reason at all to throw that, nobody else to blame. He threw the game with that boneheaded interception, period. The defense last year was actually pretty decent (most of the time), even with the injuries. As far as the receivers, i blame jason garret. I hate that guy. But anyways, in the end, winning is all that matters. You know what I’ve noticed that kinda ruins the team argument when it comes to romo in “important games” specificaly elimination games? Regardless of if he has a horrible team around him, how does he get good stats in the regular season but then in elimination games its not his fault anymore? So in the regular season hes fine even though he has a bad team around him, but then in elimination games the bad team affects him and he flat out sucks? Doesnt add up. Dont get me wrong bro, i used to defend romo all the time but im just sick of all the bs. That includes our horrible coach and moronic owner especially. And im also not saying that our oline, running game, safeties, etc etc dont suck, i agree with most of what you said. But Romo is not some great guy with just a bad team, hes a decent qb with some bad pieces around, but still manages to make bone headed plays regardless.

    • Vale Torres

      lf he had a running game he could hand off the ball in the 4th qtr. and if the defense could protect a lead he wouldn’t be chucking the ball in the 4th qtr. hence the late game interceptions.

  • californy

    I never been a fan of a QB they make to much money and get to much the credit that they deserve. But even I get it you must protect your QB and RB at all cost. I dont blame Tony for not wanting to signed here, he does deserve to finished his career behind an OL that can protect him and his family interest. JJ has continue to show he only cares about making a dollar bill and has never committed to protecting Romo

  • Rick Mage

    Seriously, I have one thing to say to these retarded Cowboys fans who are stupid enough to hate Romo. I hope you get eaten alive by a wild pack of dogs!

  • Rick Mage

    And anyone who uses this “Statistics don’t mean sh@#” is a f.u.c.k.i.n.’ retard who I wish a vet would put down for all eternity! First of all, great offensive statics means that the ball is getting moved. Second, that is the job of the QB. To move the ball. Romo has been doing his job despite the fact that his line has sucked, his defense has been sub par, he has no consistent rushing game to help him, and his damn receivers are notorious for having their heads up their! Do you Romo hating idiot really think that Aikman could do better? Seriously, though…I wish you were in front of me so that I could slap the ever living sense into you!

    • CowboysFan

      First of all, chill the hell out, your getting all excited and calling people idiots with a weak argument at best. While the team around him may not be the best, that doesnt change anything. You yourself said he has great offensive stats, and hes “doing his job” by moving the ball. Even though moving the ball is hardly his only job, i would imagine WINNING, is also part of it, but we wont get into that too much. Im gonna fill you in on the part of the equation that collapses your argument. You say hes doing his job and blah blah blah during the regular season. You also say he has a bad team around him. So heres my question. What CHANGES, from the regular season to ELIMINATION games, in which romo is 1-6. Does he just, magically do good and get “great offensive stats” with a bad team during the regular season then when elimination games come around its the teams fault and not his? Or maybe the whole team is good during the regular season helping romo get his “great stats” and then in elimination games the whole team including romo sucks, though im quiet sure thats not it. I’d love for you to enlighten me, you “Romo loving idiot.” Gullible ignorant obnoxious fan getting way to excited over something you clearly know nothing about. Maybe you should come in front of me, so i can slap some “ever living sense” into you, moron.

      • Vale Torres

        l agree with RickMage and talk is cheap!

      • Rick Mage

        First of all, f,u.c.k off. I don’t have to chill out, and I won’t. You stupid r.e.t.a.r.d.s are going to be the reason why Tony might just tell Jerry to f.u.c.k. off while Romo ends up leading the Viking to the Super Bowl! I seriously would be surprised if he stays with Dallas, because the Cowboys organization are filled with f.u.c.k.i.n.’ idiots like you. Second of all, winning is a “team thing”, in case your dumb a.s.s didn’t know. Unfortunately, Tony has not had the team that Aikman has had. You know the team with the awesome defense, the awesome offensive line, the awesome rushing attack? The consistent play of Irvin and the rest of Aikman”s receivers? Even Aikman points this out! Maybe you should listen to Aikman instead of the idiots on ESPN! As for your “what changes from regular season to Romo’s 1-6 in elimination games” question…Are you seriously that stupid? Did you watch any of these games? Have you ever considered that maybe Romo was clutch in those games, but there were too many players on his team that were not? One more question…It’s about that playoff game against the Giants…Is it really Romo’s fault that Patrick Clayton dropped two potential game winning TDs in that game? Okay, let’s move to next playoff loss against the Vikings…Romo’s line was like Swiss cheese. Is that Romo’s fault? Do you think that Tom Brady could have done better behind that line? Oh, Seattle…You just can’t let that one go, can you?? Well, Tony did an awesome of QBing in that game, he even led them to a potential game winning field goal. Okay, he fumbled the snap, sue me..It was basically his rookie, year..Would you rather had Drew Bledsoe handle the team then, you ungrateful p.r.i.c.k? Or, perhaps we should have gotten Chad Hutchinson to lead the Cowboys in that season! Look, just don’t let Romo handle anymore kicks. Problem solved. Oh, and I would love for you to come in front of me, you fat ass!! Cause, I am really an arrogant little p.r.i.c.k. I really do need someone to slap some sense back into me. ;) Until then, b.i.t.c.h, you really are…

  • disqus_kLJwdEdnOL

    Tom Brady would not do any better with the offensive line the Cowboys have. Dallas is lucky to have Romo.

    • Glenn Deltondo

      Tom Terrific wouldn’t have gotten them to 8 wins. He would have been on IR after the opening night against the Giants!

  • Old Frog

    I don’t hate Romo. I just believe the team would be better served trading him for draft picks while he still has value.

  • Dennis Boggs

    way to go rick you are exactly right thank you