Aug 18, 2012; San Diego, CA, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) watches on the sidelines during the game against the San Diego Chargers at Qualcomm Stadium. The Chargers defeated the Cowboys 28-20. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-USA TODAY Sports

Dallas Cowboys: Tony Romo Better Off Elsewhere?

The offseason has become official now for everybody in the league. The Super Bowl was a dandy to watch and I must say, although I felt the lighting situation may have given the Niners a little more time to collect themselves it did make for one heck of a ball game.

Now football fans everywhere have to deal with the dreaded seven month delay until the next kickoff. Unless your city has a local arena team that is.

One of the biggest questions marks entering the offseason for the Dallas Cowboys is that of Tony Romo’s future with the organization. The most likely scenario is that the Cowboys will resign him to an extension over several years. That statement in itself sends a shiver of rage down the spines of many a Cowboy fan.

There are two kinds of Cowboy fans, the Romo haters, and the Romo lovers. I for one declare myself the latter. For that reason allow me to rant for a bit.

I can’t stand it anymore. Honestly at this point I feel that anybody who thinks Dallas should release Romo and head in a different direction is off their rocker. I declare this boldly; those of that opinion probably have little to no knowledge of what the true problems are with this team.

I already expect the comments section to run wild with counter arguments of how I’m the no nothing but it comes with the territory.

The arguments are all the same like he doesn’t win big games, or he’s a turnover machine, or he places more emphasis on his golf game than he does football. It’s getting old guys. Say what you want but the problems lie in the hands of many, not just the quarterback. Besides, I recall Peyton Manning throwing a late game interception costing his team a playoff run yet where is the criticism?

I don’t excuse Romo for his mistake in the Redskins game, I have made that statement before, but why do we blame the quarterback for an entire season based on one play. Truth is the Cowboys should be in better situations than do or die finales year after year anyways. I truly feel that Romo is responsible for the Cowboys even being in contention at the end of the season. There aren’t many quarterbacks with the skill set to prosper in a scenario such as Romo’s.

Truth is, Romo has won far more games than he has lost. Throw any statistic you want out there but where is the help. He plays behind a line that most times probably wouldn’t even make the cut as night club bouncers, and let’s not forget about a defense that, while much improved, never seems to make the big plays. If we expect that from one player in Tony Romo then why is it so unfair to expect that from an entire defensive unit?

This isn’t a new debate. The only thing that will hush the haters will be Tony Romo hoisting the Lombardi Trophy as Super Bowl MVP, but that should be expected even from us Romo supporters. I don’t think the naysayers would mind seeing that scene, even with their disdain for Romo in mind.

But that’s the best part about sports. Opinions will vary greatly but at the end of the day we all want the same thing. So, while I strongly disagree with getting rid of Romo I want to hear your opinion. Stop with the nonsense of unreal trades and bizarre free agency scenarios. If you agree with me let me know, and if you disagree get lost.

I kid; I actually want to hear your opinion as well. This time though I don’t just want to hear the same old good riddance junk. Instead, share your solution. Whether it be through a trade, free agency, or anything else leave your comments.

I refuse to believe that any of you are willing to revert back to the days of Ryan Leaf and Quincy Carter so what is it that you believe gives this team an immediate chance of contention with Romo being out of the picture?

Remember to keep the comments respectful. We are all rooting for the same team aren’t we? With that being said let’s hear what you have to say.

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  • herman brown

    Draft a quarterback to push Romo more or get a proven quarterback like Alex smith and let him be a backup.

    • Juanito Juanito

      proven qb like alex smith, what a joke, why he was benched then ?

  • Romo_Lover!

    Trade him for Josh Freeman! Watch Dallas continue to go NOWHERE, and watch TB take off! Take a 1st rd pick from someone like the Cards, KC, or the Jets. Watch them take off, while Jerry wastes yet another pick/draft. Romo is a top 10 QB, period, and Romo haters and Dallas fans in general have NO CLUE how good they have it, and how bad it would be without Romo!!! Idiots are so dumb, they can’t even remember a few years ago when the QB was Carter or Testeverde or HENSON! Worst fans ever!!!

    • Aaron Carino

      How quickly our fans forget how bad we were in the years between Aikman and Romo. Maybe its because without Romo the Cowboys were so pathetic that there wasnt even hope! Noone cared about the Cowboys cuz they werent going anywhere, guaranteed!
      The math is simple:
      The Cowboys – Romo – O Line – better D= Guarantee Losers, Pathetic
      The Cowboys + Romo – O Line – better D= Chance for playoffs, Avg-Above Avg
      The Cowboys + Romo + O Line – better D= Playoff Contenders, 2nd Tier team
      The Cowboys + Romo + O Line + better D= Perrenial Super Bowl Contenders!

  • californy

    You failed to understand these things from Romo perspective. Romo is a family man he is looking for the best interest of his wife and family. Romo I assume Romo want a long career as long as he is healthy enough to play at a high level. He wont put his health, or family best interest at risk. Tony behind this OL has no future. Tony career would be shorten behind this OL. Why would Romo rush off to signed an extension with so many question to the OL that protects him. If I was Romo I wouldn’t sign until he feel he can get adequate protection that can sustain a long career. Don’t think Romo has no value to other teams. There are team like TB, KC and Jacksonville who have the money and player where Romo can have a great career. Dont think for a moment these team wont give the compensation the boys will need to start to rebuild this team. There is no player in this draft with Romo ability, but there may be a player with the ability of a 14 th rated NFL QB. But getting a QB with out an OL we would be worst than we are with Romo today.

    • Juanito Juanito

      well said

  • Wyatt Adams

    Ok Ok. Stop the BS! Plain and simple I don’t care about Romo. He’s good enough but not the firecracker playing with heart he used to be. I’m still ok with that. WHERE IS THE D!!! It may just be a saying these days but you win championships with DEFENSE! You spend EVERY pick this year on Defense and we are in the playoffs. If you only give up 7-14 pts a game you only need 17-21 to win. #’s don’t lie. GET BACK TO GREAT DEFENSE AND WE WIN!!!! Peace.. out!

  • Artie

    First, I love and agree with your take on Romo. For the sake of your question, sometimes I do think romo would fair better on a different team. The reason is, the best season by won/loss record that Romo has had was 2007. That was the NFL’s first look at Garrett’s offense. Once the rest of the NFL figured it out, Garrett did nothing to tweek it. That, on top of the fact that the powers that be in this organization did not see fit to bolster the offensive line. How good is anyone’s QB going to be if the defense knows, not only what your offense is doing, but when your going to snap the ball and there is no O-line to stop them from teeing off. Like Emmitt Smith said a few days ago, Romo is running for his life on every play!

  • Deputy Dog

    We need an O-line. And we better draft a QB to take over when Tony does leave for a team who will help him get that ring.

  • Chance Streetman

    I notice the writer failed to mention the 5 INT performance against Chicago at HOME, and then 4 weeks later at HOME, Romo had a 4 INT performance against the Giants. In my opinion, including the last game, he lost 3 games for the Cowboys this year while amassing 12 INTS in those games. If you do not believe he lost those 3 games for the Cowboys, I would like to hear your reasons.

    Tony Romo is not in the same class as Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, Eli Manning, Drew Brees, or Tom Brady. With the exception of Eli, those quarterbacks can put the team on their shoulders and win playoff games and win championships with a weak defense and/or weak running game.

    Heck, Tony Romo led the league in total interceptions this year! He actually tied with Drew Bress… did you see New Orleans in the playoffs this year? Which emphasizes the fact that turnovers are the single most important stat in today’s regulation game.

    Unfortunately, there is not a better option in free agency or draft. So Dallas is stuck with Tony Romo unless a team like Kansas City or Arizona trades multiple future first round draft picks.

    But that does not mean that Dallas can’t win a Super Bowl with Romo. If Tony Romo is going to win and win in the playoffs, he needs a great consistent running game. Romo is not capable of leading the Cowboys deep into the playoffs without a running game like the same quarterbacks(stated above) can. Which means a lot of resources this off-season will need to go towards shoring up the offensive line and adding better running back depth behind Murray. Add a impact defensive lineman and impact safety on defense… Dallas will be looking good for the 2013 season.

    • ‘mericas_team2013

      So, how do you explain last year when he only had 10 turnovers? The writer failed to mention them because those two games didnt determine the season like the Redskins game. I read arguments like yours all the time but they never seem to have a solid basis. Romo lost 3 games last year what about the other 13? Think before you speak….

      • Chance Streetman

        Two games don’t determine a season? What were they?? Preseason games??? You get 15 preseason games before a final 16th game…. and THAT final game decides who goes into the playoffs???? Ooooohhhhh okkkkkk! Thanks for enlightening me.

  • Keith Ranson

    You Know,I am Getting SO SICK AND TIRED Of All The Damn Romo Bashing! If Bill Parcells Had Not Seen ANY Upside In Romo Back In ’03, Romo Would definitely NOT Have Been Kept Past training Camp, Much less Been elected to Three Pro bowls, And Breaking Team Passing Records! I’ve said it before,And,I’ll keep saying it: A QB Can only Go as Far as His Supporting Players Will take Him!! If The OL,The RBs, the Receiving Corps, And Most Importantly,THE DEFENSE are Not Doing their Complete Jobs, The QB Can do SQUAT!!! So,Give it a rest,already!!

  • Benny Ingram

    I think we upgrade our offensive line in the draft this year and get him some help we will see major improvement but defense wins championships! No matter how good the D is they can’t recover if Romo keeps turning the ball over to the guys in different colored jerseys! Call me crazy but 18 years of disappointment is enough already!

  • lack of common sense

    Heck last years free agency we went and got to none starting guard s. Instead of getting one quality guard like ben grubbs, knowing a guard was going to fall to us in the first like decastro. Then even crazier the second round a first round talent center peter konz was there for us to pick. Just think what a ol we would have and pick up a right tackle in this draft . My god! Like they say good teams let the players fall to them. Then we could draft all defense this year and would be back on top but common sense falls short with jj.

  • Ivan Castro

    I would like to remind everybody that TRENT DILFER won a Super Bowl. That should tell you that TEAMS, not quarterbacks, WIN SUPER BOWLS. Having said that, i think it is Romo’s fault that the Cowboys loose. After all, he does not block pass rushers, catches or runs the ball or play defense. What a scrub!

  • Don Walker


  • truth

    Mr. David Lewis, I have never heard so much crock coming from an know-nothing writer as yourself. I mean really, you have got to be really ignorant to write such far-reaching truth…
    Listen, first I don’t mean to offend you, especially with the word ignorant. Let’s just say I use that word for people I think are ignoring the real substance-filled truth.
    OL: In just this yr. alone, the OL has proven to Block Great for Romo against some Very Elite Defensive Lines!! Even with it’s revolving players and their injuries. I attribute this to Calahan, some youth in the free agents Jerry brought in – although I thought he could do better – and just overall playing pretty good by the players themselves. Yes, I admit they aren’t the best, but by the same token, Aaron Rogers(packers) won the SB with the 20th ranked offense. I know for a fact, Cowboys OL ranked very high in 07′, 9th in 2010, and 10th in 2011.
    Playing good versus these Top Defenses has got to count for something.
    The facts are that Romo plainly and simply sucks, down-right sucks. He can’t pass worth a lick as if he’s scared. Scared it might end up another interception, and/or hurt his QBR. I mean the dude just plain out plays scared. Let’s not forget that he ranks pretty high in QBs that hold on to the ball for too long. From his passing to his on-field decision making, Romo sucks. I mean let’s not forget the idiocy in calling a timeout when he doesn’t have one. He would cost the Cowboys the game if not for opposing coach calling a timeout as well, and referees giving to opposing coach.
    Another reason why he is credited with comebacks, because he puts his team in a bind with the many 3-n-outs, turnovers and bone-headed decisions. Then, he gets going as if being a huge underdog makes him play better. And sir, that just might be it there – “underdog” syndrome of some kind.
    Let’s not forget the 2010 season. Where on the same basic team and players, Romo led the team to a 1-5 record while Kitna led them to a 4-4 record. Same team mind. It was the same then, people like you saying that it was the OL for Romo’s 1-5 record. Yet, that yr., after Kitna was playing, they were suddenly a Top 10 OL and in fact, rated 10th overall that season, by ProFootballFocus. Also by Metlife football site that rates OLines.
    Let’s not forget, were the Coaches and fans knew outright that Romo performed bad in all the games leading to his 1-5 record, Kitna was thought of otherwise by the Coaches and Fans in his loses. Romo was given the 10 pts. he played in vs the Giants in 2010 by the defense, Kitna was not. Kitna had to drive the length of the field to get 18 pts. total. Roy Williams also fumbled a for sure TD that Kitna hit him in stride. Vs Jaguars, Kitna set a record by throwing almost 400 yds. and constantly driving the length of the field but in this game, WRs including Felix Jones, tipped balls up for interceptions in the redzone. Coaches, Fans, Jerry, you name it, Praised Kitna for such Stellar Play but WRs let him down this game. I could go on forever about how you are WRONG sir, horribly WRONG!!

  • truth

    Some of you guys need to get your head out of the sand, come up from the rock you live under, etc, etc…!!

    Why, because there is so much evidence and instances that Romo has proven he is nothing but a DOPE.

    Troy Aikman showed that despite Bad coaches in Jerry and Barry Switzer back in what, the 94′ season, he overcame such Bad Coaching and Bumbling Front-Office Leadership.

    It is Proven by under-coaches and Players themselves as they said during NFL’s Network “The Cowboys, 94′ Season.”

    Despite Jerry’s misteps and Coaches, Romo has had a team Good Enough To Win the SB since 2006′. But like every yr. since, Romo “finds New Ways to snatch Defeat From the Jaws of Victory.” That Romo for you, doing something dump yr. in and yr. out since 2006!! Whether Fumbling the Game Winning FG or Interceptions, Romo finds a Way to Single-Handily Lose the Most Important Games Cowboys have!!!