The Cowboys Need To Start Over...

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If he keeps Garrett, then he would have to, ok, should have to, have a fire sale and rebuild the team into Jason Garrett’s image.  Would we in Cowboys Nation have the patience for that?  Does Jerry have the deep pockets to go through, potentially, even more years of mediocrity?  He might need them if Cowboys Nation jumps ship in droves.  The potential loss in revenue is mind boggling, but the reward would be a team with a system in place for the long haul, like the Cowboys had with Tom Landry.  Then the playoffs would come, then the Super Bowls.  The fulfillment of Jerry’s dream.  Then, as we did in the early 90′s, the fan base would return and bring band wagoners with them.  Sounds nice in theory, but I’m not sure I’m up to it.

The other direction Jerry has to consider is to replace Garrett.  The Cowboys have some great young talent, especially on defense.  They also have a core group of talented veterans that are easily in the top 5 or 10 at their positions.  These players, Tony Romo,  Jason Witten, and Demarcus Ware are still in their prime and the young players with some talent: Sean Lee, Demarco Murray, Dez Bryant, Brandon Carr, and Bruce Carter,  are good enough to contend now.  Because of where these players are in their careers, Jerry would have to replace Garrett with a proven, successful person.

January 1, 2012; New Orleans, LA, USA; New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton during their game against the Carolina Panthers at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Mandatory Credit: Chuck Cook-US PRESSWIRE

The replacement list is short, with Sean Payton and Mike Holmgren at the top the list.  Why these two?  Mainly, at least to me, is the obvious potential ability to maximize Tony Romo’s abilities.  Don’t laugh yet.  Sean Payton likes Romo and tried to bring him to New Orleans.  Who knows what kind of success the pairing would have had, but the very fact that Romo was hand picked and groomed by Payton is enough for me.  Holmgren is another intriguing choice because he was able to help the QB that Romo is most compared to, Brett Favre,  have his most success, including a Super Bowl ring.  He would or should be able to work with Romo’s skill set better than most coaches could.  The common theme here is working with the players the Cowboys have now.

Nov 18, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Cleveland Browns general manager Mike Holmgren (left) talks with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones (right) before the game at Cowboys Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-US PRESSWIRE

Jason Garrett will not be successful unless he is able to build an offense with the skill set that can carry out his style.  When Garrett does have his team in place, his Cowboys may reach the Super Bowl.  Tony Romo, Jason Witten and, collaterally, DeMarcus Ware, will not reach a Super Bowl on a Garrett run Cowboys team.  Romo is not the best fit in a Garrett offense and Garrett is still in a learning curve as a head coach, effectively wasting the prime of the teams current star players.

Jerry brought this on himself, he knew the risks.  Now it’s time to choose.  Choose a new head coach and try to make a run with the stars you have while continuing to reinforce the team with young talent (like they do in New England).  Or choose to keep Garrett and really commit to him, knowing that this team will not be good for a while, but after that while, they will be good again (like the Cowboys did in the 90′s).

Both these choices are viable.  Pick one and stick to it Jerry.  The reason the Cowboys have been mediocre for years is he can’t make up his mind.  Jason Garrett is a talented young coach that may be your Tom Landry.  Romo, Witten, Ware and some of the others are talented players that are good enough to get you to a Super Bowl soon.  Talented coach and talented players.  Unfortunately, they don’t go together.  One’s the baby, the other the bath water.  Which is which?

Points and Observations:

-I just have one point, just one observation:  Jerry Jones, you’re a business man, how long do you think we are going to continue to pay to watch this team?   In the word’s of a good friend of mine – but not a Cowboys fan – ‘You got a billion dollar stadium and a fifty thousand dollar team.’

- Artie Cappello






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  • Gary Hermenau

    Garrett really wasn’t a very good OC either. The O-line has been horrible for years now. Does any remember Romo’s broken shoulder?
    You have what MIGHT be top notch team, and you give them a sub-par rookie coach….

  • jrcowboy49

    The Cowboy culture was shocked when Jones bought the Team and showed Tom Landry the door without respect! Jimmie Johnson did a great job of rebuilding while keeping Jerry in check. This did keep the Cowboy culture intact until Jerry dumped Johnson and the wheels slowly came off and the culture today is fragmented and broken. Look no farther than the idiot and his ego, Jerry Jones. The question really is can Jerry step back and allow a new GM and Head Coach attempt to reorganize and postion the Cowboys for greatness or will he destroy the culture entirely? As to
    Sean Payton and Mike Holmgren, the game has past Holmren who has nver been a Great coach. Farve carried him in Green Bay and he killed himself in Seattle and Cleveland. Sean Payton would be an excellent choice as a proven Coach who is familar with the Team, has a family in Dallas, and could relate to the players. Jerry would have to take a back seat as Sean deserves the freedom of running the Team. So Jerry needs to “man up” or “ride on”.

  • David Perez

    Sean Payton or Bust for many more yrs to come!

  • Partager

    Artie, Artie! What the HECK are you using for a brain?

    Quote: “Many of you will want to blame Tony Romo, because he threw 2 more
    interceptions against the Washington Redskins to add to his league
    leading 15. That’s too simple.”

    IS it “too simple”? Apparently not simple ENOUGH, for you, Artie.

    Quote: “If you followed Romo’s career, he doesn’t throw any more INT’s than Eli
    Manning or Philip Rivers or even former Cowboys QB, Troy Aikman. The
    timing of his picks can suck sometimes, but he still has one of the best
    career QB ratings, especially in the 4th quarter. How can he be the
    Cowboy’s problem? Him, or any other particular player?”

    Jerry takes the ultimate blame, for sure. But, we have seen again and again as rookie quarterbacks playing behind beat up offensive lines with wide-receivers-of-the-week, just like the Cowboys, get the better of Romo and crew.

    Who is to doubt that Robert Griffin the 3rd would have led the Cowboys to a convincing win had he been in Tony Romo’s place on Thanksgiving?

    We see Rookie QB’s beat Tony in TD’s and statistics when what we are supposed to be getting as a REAL ADVANTAGE in Tony’s SEVEN years of experience is a wily, Veteran QB.

    When is the last time any NFL writer or Media reporter/commentator looked at the Cowboys against any matchup and said, in effect, specifically, that “Tony Romo should have little trouble imposing his will and skill on the opponent in this upcoming game”?

    Year after year, instead, everyone who should KNOW Tony well enough by now has to hem and haw as to what Tony will be able to do in the next game.

    What other quarterbacks, even ROOKIES, have as much trouble with “routes” and being “on different pages on routes and reads”?

    For years this has been the theme with Tony Romo, more of Tony Romo than any other NFL quarterback.

    And, Artie, when have Romo’s “statistics” in the FOURTH quarter guaranteed a WIN? A WIN?

    Much of his statistics are built up by putting his team so far behind that he zings and slings after half time! Coming close makes for “statistics” when the Cowboys are losing but is does not make WINS.