Oct 1, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) leaves the field after throwing an interception for a touchdown during the third quarter against the Chicago Bears at Cowboys Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-US PRESSWIRE

Is It Time For Tony Romo To Step Down As Leader Of The Dallas Cowboys?

Not much can be said that hasn’t already been said. Monday night was a disaster this week and that’s pretty much all there is to it. To not sing a song that has already been sung a million times let’s just get down to it.

I can already hear the angry mob running down the road with pitchforks in hand calling for the head of Tony Romo. This is a topic that’s been debated for years now and honestly it needs to stop. Is Kyle Orton really the answer? He wasn’t good enough for the Bears, or the Broncos, or even the Chiefs last year. He’s a backup for a reason and it needs to stay that way. Do I feel comfortable with him coming in if Tony goes down with an injury? Yes. Do I feel comfortable with him as the official starter over Tony Romo? No way!

Let’s not beat around the bush on this thing and just get it all out there. I’ve seen this movie before. In a nutshell this is what would happen. Orton becomes the starter. He has one or two great games to start off. Now here’s the climax of the film. The wheels completely fall off. We finish the season missing the playoffs and fans will be outraged. We can’t very well go back to Romo because that ship will have definitely sailed. Looks like the post-Aikman quarterback solicitation all over again. Quincy Carter anyone?

Tony Romo had a horrible game, that’s a fact. He’s had several bad games over his career, that’s a fact. Well here’s a news flash for you people, it’s football, it’s not an exact science, you will lose games and some will be ugly. I sure hope I didn’t give a heart attack to anyone with that riveting revelation.

I absolutely love how everybody becomes a football expert when the Cowboys lose. Don’t get me wrong, I’m in no way defending Romo’s performance on Monday, that was absolutely disgusting. I am saying though that if we are going to get angry and call for accountability then let’s be fair about it.

What about Dez Bryant’s multiple momentum killing dropped balls? What about the lines inability to hold a pocket consistently? Where’s Demarco Murray been? What about the defensive line being incapable of creating a rush against an offensive line that has been under fire almost more than the Cowboys’? Did anyone else notice Brandon Marshall shred our ”#1” defensive secondary?

The list could go on forever. Why isn’t Jason Garrett or anybody else on the coaching staff being held accountable for anything? If we’re going to be angry then let’s at least be angry about the right things folks.

I don’t expect this article to change anybody’s mind because the fact of the matter is there are only two types of Cowboys fans, those who have faith in Tony Romo, and those who gave up on him after the Seattle debacle in 2006.

The season is young and the last time I checked two out of two isn’t the end of the world, or at least I don’t remember that being in John’s book of Revelations. It was a bad game we all know that but let’s stop with all the insanity please.

The only immediate solution I can think of to get these guys on track to the Super Bowl is to start Sean Lee at every position. I know not a single person would disagree with me on that. Other than that all I can say is the benching of Tony Romo is not the answer.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/bbowens8 Bobby Bowens

    Why do you think benching him is not the answer? It hasn’t been done and he keeps making the same mistakes, until he is benched there is no way of knowing. I would say bench him and find out, he’s losing anyway so what is there to miss.

  • http://www.facebook.com/judy.d.inman Judy Daugherty Inman

    Romo is NOT the only one to throw blame on. Dez Bryant dropped perfect passes, the O-line wasn’t “home”, Demarco Murray hasn’t been all that! And yes, the #1 defensive secondary was shredded. The whole team needs to pull it together…a roster full of talent and not doing what they should be capable of. Benching Romo is NOT the answer…perhaps a Head Coach other than the one (who wants to wait & fix that the next game) we have is the answer.

  • brahma

    I love this article. Tony tried to force passes, which is what got him in trouble. He is a Top 5 QB and getting rid of him would be a huge mistake. Also the 2006 debacle wasn’t a QB error. He was the holder for a field goal. He played QB in the game pretty well, as I recall. Thank you for calling out the failing Dez experiment. Not one 1,000 yard season and only one 100 yard passing game this season, dropped passes and improperly running routes; then he whines that Tony didn’t throw the ball his way? I can’t support a WR that admits to not giving 100% int he off season regarding last season then says again that he’s not giving his all after the loss to SEA and CHI. He needs to go now!

  • scott

    Romo is the only reason this team isn’t 0-4 right now, you give Tony’s job to Brady or Brees and they wouldn’t handle it any better…probably not as good

  • http://twitter.com/BigKen472 KEN HUNTER

    Why are people ripping Orton because some people want Romo replaced ? If some people ant Romo replaced and your recourse is to try and rip the other guy instead of being able to say how clearly he is the one to right the ship.

    I dont think Romo should be replaced but football is a win now league and if you dont win you get replaced its the same everywhere.

    Orton is no Rodgers but neither is Alex Smith you think anyone in SF cares that hes not as long as the team can win with him behind center ? For the record Romo has 49 career wins and Orton has 35 thats not that big of a gap when you consider Orton is 29 and Romo is 32 .

    I cant think of another QB thats been given the talent that Romo’s been surrounded with and hasnt won thats stuck around this long in one place . Every year its something and after awhile it gets to the point where everyone start to believe there will be something.

    I dont want to see Romo benched and its not all his fault but as the QB of the team thats where the buck ultimately stops right or wrong.

    We are the the second worst scoring offense in the league we know the QB is gonna catch most of that blame .

    • Sigifredo Franco

      Changing QB right or wrong wont fix the OL problem. Blaming the QB doesnt address the horrible OL

  • Scott H.

    That same “film” analogy can be said of Romo. As a matter of fact we’ve seen that movie for the past 6 years with Romo. If we are going to watch the same film again this year mind as well get a different actor to play the part.

    • http://www.facebook.com/Dboyz62 David Perez

      Romo can get the job done.

  • kurumba

    The bigger problem BEFORE Romo is THE TWO GARRETTS. Jason and brother Johnny run the offense. It is therefore incumbent upon those two to fix the passing and run game. Trouble is they DO NOT KNOW HOW because they are frauds and Jason has no idea what to do. Nor does the man understand how to effectively establish a RUNNING GAME! Listen to some of Garrett’s press interviews and they seem full of empty rhetoric and say very little. Garrett DID NOT KNOW HOW TO SET UP A WINNING FIELD GOAL AT ARIZONA NOR DID HE EVEN KNOW TO THROW A CHALLENGE ON A TIPPED PASS BY D. McRAY!!! The man is thus a fraud. WORSE STILL GARRETT IS INTENT ON ESTABLISHING A TOUCH FOOTBALL STYLE OFFENSE BASED PURELY ON FINESSE THAT HAS NO ROOM FOR A ROUGH AND TUMBLE RUN THE FOOTBALL 40 TIMES PER GAME CONCEPT. THIS HAS FAILED AND WILL CONTINUE TO FAIL.

    • http://www.facebook.com/Dboyz62 David Perez

      I like Jason Garrett but i’m starting to have my doubts.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Dboyz62 David Perez

    Tony Romo is the perfect QB for this team especially with our weak OLine.

  • Sigifredo Franco

    The real issue is the OL . Tony should stop trying to extend plays. When Tony extends plays he tends to make big mistakes. These mistakes are distractions from the real problem. ( the terrible. OL) . Tony should just throw the ball Away everytime protection breaks down. Fans should then realize that the problem is not Tony but the OL. AND. The GM!

  • californy

    You really shouldnt expect any really changes when the whole system is flawed. Part of the Cowboys problem is with another Garrett as this team director of scouting. He had some really bad year in 2009, and 2010 is beginning to look like a bad draft with player like Felix Jones, Scandrick and Michael Jenkins, none of these player seem to have a bright future here as a starter.
    This team need some real change and I dont see that happening with the same GM and HC here in Dallas. We all know what the problem is with this team with a offensive line making no holes, you dont see any changes in this department despite the weak preformance by this unit on a weekly basis.So expect the same and dont expect things to change here until this team has real change again.

    • Jimmy Marshall

      Felix Scandrick and Jenkins were all good draft choices..A bad draft choice isn’t starting or isn’t playing any more after a few years

  • MCWeese

    I agree with this article 100 percent. The fact that after 4 games the DBs have ZERO interceptions. Thats unacceptable. It would be awesome if we could play Sean Lee at every position.

  • Frank Robison

    No coach has been able to win with Romeo. He finds away to lose, instead of a way to win.

    • Jimmy Marshall

      Wrong ..He has pulled more wins out of the 4th Quarter than losses, many more

  • oscar

    bing on Tebow to get our boys back on track!