Dec 17, 2011; Tampa, FL, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) calls the play in the huddle during the second quarter against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Raymond James Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Douglas Jones-US PRESSWIRE

Dallas Cowboys: Overhyped or Sleeping Giant?

Feels like the season has been going on forever now and we still have a few days left before we get to see our Boys in action again. What a bummer right? If nothing else it gives the Cowboys some time to come down off of cloud nine and prepare for this weekend’s game against the Seahawks.

I’ve heard two sides to this story since the big victory over the Giants. Some people are saying that it was just a fluke and that the Cowboys will realize it once the Seahawks shock them back into reality. Others are saying last week’s game was only a small taste of what we can expect in the coming weeks. I prefer to agree with neither.

I feel like last week’s game was not something that we can expect, but something that should be expected. The Cowboys have never lacked the star power to be great that’s for sure, but they have always been missing something that keeps them from getting to the top.

For many of the past few seasons the Cowboys have lacked key ingredients to a Super Bowl recipe. Whether it be heart, motivation, or chemistry, there is no doubt that Dallas has lacked those characteristics at times. However, the fact of the matter is that the potential has always existed.

The evidence of that can’t be any clearer than it was against the Giants. This is not to say that Dallas has already laid claim to the Lombardi trophy, but that when they are on they are a force to be reckoned with.

The argument will be made that the Giants were off and did not play to their potential. Call it what you will but a win is a win. Any time you go into the house of the defending world champions in a season opening game where the entire country is watching will get anybody motivated. Now, when you go into that same house and take care of business the way the Boys did, now that’s preparation and hard work.

Tony Romo was on fire. Kevin Ogletree proved that he can contribute in big ways. The offensive line was subpar but still kept a very ferocious Giants pass rush under control enough to let Tony do his magic.

There is still lots of season left and one big win is not enough to change the past fifteen years, but hold on to your seats ladies and gentlemen because everybody’s eyes have been opened now.

I’ll be the first to say that the Seahawks are probably not the best gauge of how good or bad a team is. I mean this is a team that puts more emphasis on their uniforms than their play calling but don’t be fooled, parity does exist, and if Russell Wilson proves everything he’s been built up to be then maybe this is one we shouldn’t be so sure about.

Win or lose I’m just ready to get this thing underway. If Dallas goes out and performs like we all know that they can then I feel that they should walk out of this one with an easy win, but let’s not be mesmerized by mere speculation since we all know a little bit about Cowboys history. Well at least in the past fifteen seasons. Maybe a win though will be just what they need to keep their mojo going.

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  • Hawk_Eye

    You guys are so over-hyped. You won one game and now your going to the Superbowl. Get real! You won one more game than Seattle last year. “I mean this is a team that puts more emphasis on their uniforms than their play calling.” Really? You show so little respect to the Seahawks. And now after you lose to Seattle, you’ll see what kind of team we have been developing and you’ll be brought back to reality.

    • Rick Mage

      Hey, jackass. This team is not last year’s team. And most of us aren’t claiming Super Bowl victory, just quite yet. However, we do see the Giants win as a good sign to see. And that sign says that there is no way that “these” Cowboys lose to the Shehawks.

      • Hawk_Eye

        How many 8-8 team made it to the Superbowl the following year? I mean what have you guys done in the last ten years? The truth hurts. The most over hyped team ever, the Dallas Cowgirls!

        • ctcowboy1968

          The Cowboys are the #1 followed team in the nation. Supported by the fact that the Cowboys are the most valuable sports franchise in the US.
          Hype is created by the media. Whatever sells. It’s not created by Cowboy nation. The media, which is mainly driven out of NYC, and non Cowboy fans have to face the fact that the Cowboys are America’s team. They hate that so the media must cover the Boys and the media loves it when the Boys fail.
          The Packers and Giants have both won recent SBs with records of 9-7. Every year is a new year. Last year’s record is meaningless.
          In the past ten years, the Boys have had one great year of 13-3. The Seahawks have never had a year that good.
          The Boys have talent and this year they have a new attittude. That will make a big difference.
          SB trophies: Dallas – 5. Seattel – 0. Truth hurts doesn’t it!

    • ctcowboy1968

      One game against a major rival that has beaten the Boys consistently. The first team to beat the defending SB winners in the next year’s opener. On the road and national TV. That’s a victory to celebrate.
      It’s a long road a head till the playoffs. One game at a time.
      Don’t take a writer’s opinion as representive of anyone else.
      Beating the Seahawks at home is a daunting task for any team.

  • Thomas Lane

    Brown_Eye, stop being a hater! I mean really stop being such a P.U.N.K. go read/view your own teams page if you don’t like whats said or posted here.
    FEAR THE STAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hawk_Eye

      I’m not being a hater. Just stating the facts. Show me one Dallas article that has anything positive about the Seahawks. The Dallas Cowboys fans and writers are so caught up in themselves. Your going to stomp all over us. Really? We have a top 3 defense and 5 pro-bowl players and I have not seen any mention of that. This writer stated “I mean this is a team that puts more emphasis on their uniforms than their play calling.” Really? Give me a break!

      • bwall

        Still living from last year? The seahawks may have had a top 3 defense LAST YEAR, but the hawks couldnt win against the cardinals and all their offense consists of is throwing to ftiz, with a average qb and running game, and the hawks had an extra time out due to refs goof, and still lost. if you think the seahawks will win more than 8 games, you need the break.

        • Hawk_Eye

          We will see who has the better team on Sunday and at the end of the year. We had an excellent draft this year. We have a very young team will get better as the season goes on. And I don’t want to hear any excuses why you boys lost.

          • bwall

            You can say the same thing for just about every nfl team. The only way Dallas loses this game is turnovers, because the hawks are just out matched, turnovers are the great equalizer. Don’t believe ask the Eagles. Regardless of what you might think, this is a different team for Dallas then from year. The only weakness is the o line. I am telling right now, there is no way seahawks win if Dllas has no turnovers and fewer than 10 penalties, they are simply a better team with more talent at almost all skill positions. The only way Dallas loses if they turn the ball over at least 3 times.

  • bwall

    By the way, why are fans of other teams trolling this site? Hate or love, the boys draws crowds from everywhere. By the way, Jerry thanks you for your time and interest in the Dallas Cowboys!!

  • ctcowboy1968

    The odds makers favor the Cowboys by 3 pts on the road. Therefore the Boys are considered the better team. The game is not played on paper. Every game starts at 0-0.
    The last few Cowboy drafts have made this team much younger, fast, more athletic. If the Boys stay mentally focused, then they are a team to be reckoned with.

  • californy

    The Cowboy are always over hype, that the media. I hope this is the year when we meet & exceed the expectation. It way to early to say we accomplished anything, we havent..

  • californy

    I hope a Cowboys win will send Black-eye back to the nest he came from, 1-2 Visit from him is more than I want to hear from him. I guess he doesnt have anything good to say about the hawks either I havent heard anything from him. I give the Seahawk a good chance to win this week game. I just want to plucket a victory from their beak and shove some crow down their throat, so they can choke on it.

  • Artie C

    If they are sleeping giants, it’s time to wake up…please

  • Dave

    The Boys are a sleeping Giant and they are overhyped. They are loaded with talent, however, they are also overhyped because they don’t play to their ability consistently.