Why a Mike Zimmer-Cowboys reunion could be a blessing in disguise

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How Mike Zimmer would fit on the current Cowboys

The Cowboys currently have most of their starting defense under contract. Therefore, if Zimmer were to head back to Dallas, he would have a great group of talent to work with.

Everyone heard owner Jerry Jones' refusal to a rebuild and instead go "all in" in 2024. As a result, hiring Zimmer would be a step in the right direction. The Cowboys cannot have a younger position coach or a shortly-proven head coach for that matter, come in and try to lead the defense. They are not in a position where they want to grow over time and improve slowly, they are looking to win now as their window to a Super Bowl is closing quickly.

What Zimmer brings to a team is his toughness and his strategic attention to detail. He has passion for defense and he knows where to put players for them to be most effective. This is much needed as many times during last season, Quinn's unit was exposed when players were mis-positioned.

Hiring a veteran football-mind and someone who is highly-respected like Zimmer is what this team needs. He is a guy who has his plan, will stick to it and bring everyone on board to perform it efficiently. Take his coveted 4-3 defense for example. He has mastered this scheme over his whole career and in Dallas, he could mold that with the right pieces in place.

Zimmer has also has shown a willingness to change his scheme on the fly depending on the opponent. That would be a breath of fresh air relative to Quinn's stint as defensive coordinator.

Zimmer can come into Dallas and also be a great motivator and navigate his players' strengths and limit their weaknesses. Zimmer is not the youngest guy in the room but like they say, great experience is developed over time. He has the tools to keep Dallas' defense atop most in the NFL.

Zimmer's' 20 plus years of experience have brought him to that expert level. His veteran leadership and being around winning football alone should be a reason Dallas looks at Zimmer as a possible coordinator replacement.

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