Why Mike Vrabel should be tasked with saving the Cowboys franchise

There have been a handful of names swirling around as possible coaching replacements, but Mike Vrabel can be the one that sticks the hardest
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How Mike Vrabel can change the Cowboys franchise

The organization will have to decide first what they will do with Dak Prescott's future (contract concerns), Tony Pollards' and more-than-likely deal with the losses of a handful of their quality defensive players.

A successful draft is a goal for the team as well. Beefing up the linebacker position, polishing up the offensive line and adding RB depth should be the teams' top priorities during the draft process in April.

Dallas will have to address these issues while only having five draft picks, therefore you can certainly expect them to be trade talks as the draft gets closer.

Even with the possible loss of talent on both sides, what will be left over would still be the best team Vrabel has ever coach. You can bet that at least CeeDee Lamb, Jake Ferguson, Micah Parsons, Trevon Diggs and their veteran but still effective offensive line will still be in Dallas in August. That core alone is something Vrabel can work with.

If he would be so kind as to lure Derrick Henry to Dallas along with him, I am sure fans would not mind that either. One can only dream.

The Cowboys will not be a Super Bowl-caliber team week one of the 2024 season by any means. They have a lot to think about from now until training camp rolls around but they do not have the luxury of time. After suffering as big of a let down as they did, a change cannot wait, this team needs revamped as soon as possible.

Coach Mike McCarthy and Dan Quinn are likely the first two dominoes to fall in pursuit of this revamping, and finding a replacement for McCarthy first should be Jerry Jones's goal.

This will be a sought after job for any coach as the Cowboys are always on prime-time, a big market team, they are flashy and their level of exposure is like no other, just as much as the pressure of winning here is.

Bill Belichick is the true definition of a "winner", that cannot be denied. However right now in Dallas, a change of culture, an improved team dynamic and getting everyone on the same page towards knowing what they need to do to win is the real question.

Mike Vrabel can be the coach Dallas needs to do all that and much more.

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