What Cowboys fans should know about latest Brandon Aiyuk trade rumors

Baltimore Ravens v San Francisco 49ers
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The Dallas Cowboys are currently embroiled in a contract stalemate with superstar CeeDee Lamb. Still inexplicably waiting for a contract extension, Lamb didn't report to the Cowboys for the start of voluntary workouts.

The important term there is "voluntary." Lamb has zero reason to show up for OTAs, mandatory minicamp and even training camp without a new deal. As the Cowboys sift through their Lamb drama, they've been linked with a trade for a seemingly disgruntled star in 49ers wideout Brandon Aiyuk.

This isn't long removed from when Dallas was mentioned as a landing spot for former Bills receiver Stefon Diggs. A Diggs trade never seemed realilistic. A similar development could be happening with Aiyuk, so here's everything Cowboys fans need to now amid the hoopla.

Cowboys fans shouldn't waste time with Brandon Aiyuk trade rumors

Reports surfaced over the weekend that Aiyuk requested a trade from the 49ers. Aiyuk's agent has since rebuffed that rumor, but the relationship is far from sturdy. The Pro Bowler has unfollowed the 49ers on social media and he could send a further message to the team by following Lamb's lead and skipping practice until he gets a new deal.

As for the Cowboys supposed "links" to Aiyuk, fans shouldn't get their hopes up. NFL news aggregator account "NFL Notifications" claims Dallas has interest, but there's zero source mentioned. While the Steelers have been floated by legit reporters as a potential Aiyuk landing spot, it seems the Cowboys were mentioned here solely for clicks.

Additionally, The 33rd Team may have duped Cowboys fans by including the team on their graphic of teams that Aiyuk could be on by Week 1. A handful of wide receiver-needy teams were shown, including the Chiefs, Bills, Steelers and Chargers. Once again, Dallas was the lone outlier.

Unless Jerry Jones does a complete 180 on his offseason strategy, a trade for Aiyuk isn't happening.

The 49ers star could cost as many as two first-round picks. The Cowboys can't afford to offload draft capital given how many holes are on the roster. Aiyuk is arguably the best route-runner in the NFL and a clear top-10 player at the position. He's going to set a baseline of $25 million per year after DeVonta Smith, an inferior receiver, inked that much with the Eagles.

With Smith's contract, the Eagles have proven a team can give two receivers $25 million. However, the Cowboys are miles behind their rivals in terms of cap savyness. Maybe if they signed Lamb last offseason they'd have a puncher's chance of trading for Aiyuk, but they seem content dragging out those negotiations until they make Lamb the highest-paid receiver in NFL history.

This is a classic case of social accounts and media outlets using the Cowboys to drive traffic. There's a less than zero percent chance that they trade for Aiyuk.

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