Week 1 overreaction: This Cowboys defense can become one of best in NFL history

Chicago Bears v Dallas Cowboys
Chicago Bears v Dallas Cowboys / Richard Rodriguez/GettyImages
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Can the Dallas Cowboys win Super Bowl LVIII?

It’s Parsons, not Dak Prescott, who is the face of the franchise. 

Many have questioned whether or not the Cowboys can win a championship with Prescott at quarterback. He’s better or just as good as the guys who quarterbacked the teams mentioned above to championships. 

The ‘85 Bears had Jim McMahon. He was the right guy for a team defined by toughness, but he was never close to elite. The ‘00 Ravens won with Trent Dilfer behind center. Again, a nice quarterback, but a journeyman who was never considered great. 

The Steelers won all of its Super Bowls with Terry Bradshaw, who other than Eli Manning, benefitted the most in his career from unbelievable plays made by his receivers. 

Russell Wilson is the outlier. While he is now a shadow of his former self, Wilson was considered one of the NFL’s elite quarterbacks in his career. Prescott can compare favorably to Wilson, and the offense doesn’t have to be the driving force to a Super Bowl run. 

There are similarities between the ‘85 Bears, ‘00 Ravens and ‘13 Seahawks, but each had its own dynamic that made it stand apart from the others. 

But there is one commonality. 

A Lombardi Trophy. 

As great as the ‘23 Cowboys’ defense can be, it will not be mentioned in the same breath as those above unless this team wins a Super Bowl.

And maybe this is a Week 1 overreaction from an admitted lifelong Cowboys’ fan, but on Sunday night, a national television audience bore witness to a defense capable of being the driving force to a Super Bowl. 

A defense that can redefine a franchise’s image.

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