Troy Aikman congratulates Patrick Mahomes amid backlash from 2019 tweet

Dec 4, 2023; Jacksonville, Florida, USA;  ESPN Monday Night football announcer Troy Aikman broadcast
Dec 4, 2023; Jacksonville, Florida, USA; ESPN Monday Night football announcer Troy Aikman broadcast / Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys didn't play a role in Super Bowl 58, but two of the best quarterbacks in franchise history are getting ripped on social media after Sunday's overtime thriller between the Chiefs and 49ers.

Not only is Tony Romo getting jumped for "ruining" Jim Nantz's call of Patrick Mahomes' game-winning touchdown pass to Mecole Hardman, but folks dug up a Troy Aikman tweet from 2019 that has aged horribly.

In fairness to Aikman, he responded to a tweet from The Athletic Kansas City that took an unnecessary shot at his career. The tweet stated Mahomes "has thrown 36% of Aikman's career touchdowns, in about 8% of the games."

That was an admitted low blow and it elicited a fiery response from Aikman, who said "Talk to me when he (Mahomes) has 33% of my Super Bowl Titles." Aikman won three championships with the Cowboys and at the time Mahomes had yet to even make it to a Super Bowl.

Just five years later, Mahomes has as many rings as the Cowboys legend.

Cowboys great Troy Aikman is getting ripped for 2019 tweet about Patrick Mahomes

We can't fault Aikman for defending his brand and career. For what he lacks in regular season accolades and gaudy statistics, he more than makes up for in postseason accomplishments. He's a three-time champ and former Super Bowl MVP. In three Super bowls, Aikman posted a 111.9 passer rating with 689 yards and five touchdowns to one interception.

That said, this is still a tough look for Aikman, whose post now has 20,000 quote tweets. He likely never doubted Mahomes, but he set himself for this.

It was clear early in Mahomes' career, even before his first Super Bowl, that he would reach the mountaintop at least once. He made the AFC Championship Game in his first full year as the starter in 2018 and won a title in 2019, a mere five months after Aikman's tweet.

Is Aikman aware he's getting roasted on a national scare? That's open for interpretation, but the ESPN analyst penned a tweet on Monday congratulating Mahomes and the Chiefs. The timing of Aikman's tweet doesn't appear coincidental.

There's no comparing Aikman and Mahomes as quarterbacks, but it was uncalled for by The Athletic Kansas City to slight Aikman out of nowhere. Say what you will about Aikman never throwing for 4,000 yards or eclipsing 25 passing touchdowns in a season, but the NFL was a different game in the 1990s.

During Aikman's run as Dallas' starting QB, Emmitt Smith was a four-time rushing champ and thrice led the league in carries.

Again, Aikman was justified in defending his career. If he could go back in time, though, he'd probably like to have his 2019 tweet back. Mahomes was destined to finish as an all-time great very early in his career.

Aikman's take was begging to end up as a national punchline and you have to wonder if his congratulatory post was a response to the backlash.