Top 5 NFC East cornerbacks ranked in 2023

Carolina Panthers v Dallas Cowboys
Carolina Panthers v Dallas Cowboys / Tom Pennington/GettyImages
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1. Darius Slay, Philadelphia Eagles

Even if you're not an Eagles fan, you can't deny how great Slay was last year for the Eagles.

Slay finished the year with 55 tackles, 14 passes deflected, and three interceptions. He was named to his fifth Pro Bowl selection but failed to make an All-Pro team last season.

According to Player Profile, the Eagles cornerback allowed 40 receptions for 472 yards and three touchdowns on 71 targets. Slay also broke up 17 passes last season, which ranked second in all of football.

There's no doubt that Slay has been an elite cornerback for many years now, but there's a real chance that Diggs can overtake him for the top spot this season. The Cowboys' corner only allowed four touchdowns last year -- one more than Slay.

Diggs has to be smarter on defense and not jump on every route, something that the 32-year-old veteran in Slay has mastered over his 10-year NFL career. But there's also no question that the better playmaker resides in Dallas.

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