Shocking 49ers move gives Cowboys golden chance to fortify Mike Zimmer's staff

Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions
Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages

The Dallas Cowboys held Mike Zimmer's introductory press conference on Wednesday. The biggest takeaway? Other than the fact that Zimmer's personality is exactly what the Cowboys defense needs, Zimmer confirmed defensive backs coach Al Harris will be back in 2024.

That was always the expectation, but it wasn't a guarantee. A common byproduct of a new coordinator coming in is they'll want to hire their own staff. Harris, though, has established himself as one of the best DB coaches in the league. There's no way Dallas was going to let him go.

With that said, Zimmer needs to fill the holes left by Joe Whitt Jr., the team's former defensive pass game coordinator, and Aden Durde, who abandoned his post as defensive line coach to become the Seahawks defensive coordinator.

Zimmer likely has a few names in mind for those positions. His phone even rang during the conference, which Zimmer claimed was someone calling about a job on his staff.

Suffice it to say Cowboys Nation is hoping the interruption was caused by Steve Wilks, who was shockingly canned by the 49ers on Wednesday.

Cowboys need to hire Steve Wilks to join Mike Zimmer's staff

Home run opportunities like this don't grow on trees.

Zimmer might prefer someone who's worked with him and Mike McCarthy in the past, but there's a reason the 49ers' decision to fire Wilks sent shockwaves around the NFL. He wasn't the reason San Francisco lost the Super Bowl and the defense's numbers stack up well with that of former 49ers defensive coordinator DeMeco Ryans.

It seems Wilks was the scapegoat for another 49ers playoff shortcoming. In a vacuum, Wilks' defense foiled Patrick Mahomes in regulation. The Chiefs were limited to one touchdown and four field goals in four quarters before Mahomes went scorched earth in overtime to propel Kansas City to a win.

Wilks would be a perfect replacement for Joe Whitt Jr. as the Cowboys defensive pass game coordinator. He has 12 years of experience working as a defensive backs coach and eight years as either an assistant head coach, defensive pass game coordinator, defensive coordinator and head coach, or both.

Given the sheer outrage from Wilks' fire, we don't expect him to be unemployed for long. Not only would Wilks bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Cowboys, but he'd double as a double agent in terms of informing the team of the 49ers defensive (and offensive) tendencies. It'd be a win-win for Dallas.

Zimmer's arrival will likely have a transformative impact on the defense, but bringing in an experienced and respected coach like Wilks would signal to fans that the Cowboys mean business. Make no mistake: If Dallas doesn't hire Wilks, he'll end up on a team standing in their way of making it to or winning the Super Bowl.

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