Predicting the landing spots for Cowboys free agents in 2024

Where will top Dallas Cowboys free agents land in 2024?
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4. Jourdan Lewis, CB: Detroit Lions

A couple things you can always look for when free agents are leaving teams:

  • What coaching connections do they have around the league?
  • Where is the player from?

A lot of times, free agency boils down to one of those two factors, and for Jourdan Lewis, I think we could see a return to his roots. The Detroit Lions have been one of the best teams in the NFC this season, but I think they'll be continually looking at upgrades for the secondary. Lewis has struggled this season for the Cowboys but could probably still get a decent 1-2 year deal from a team like Detroit.

5. Dorance Armstrong, EDGE: Houston Texans

We saw a couple of notable former Cowboys make their way to Houston last offseason with tight end Dalton Schultz and wide receiver Noah Brown joining the Texans. Could we see another small exodus of Cowboys heading to Houston again in 2024?

It's possible.

I think Dorance Armstrong -- a Houston native -- should have a decent market in 2024 free agency. Teams might not view him as a starter off the edge, but as a rotational piece, he's been effective. And DeMeco Ryans likes to bring pass rush in waves. I like this option for Armstrong if he leaves the Cowboys next offseason.