Predicting the highest-rated Cowboys players in Madden 24

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Micah Parsons (LB)

The Dallas defense is loaded with stars and Parsons shines the brightest on the field. Despite only playing in the NFL for two seasons, Parsons has already become one of the league's most elite pass rushers (listed as a linebacker in Madden).

He's an absolute monster on the field and can change the momentum of a game at any moment. Parsons is the type of player opposing offensive coordinators have to specifically focus on when game planning for the week and even then they can't stop him.

In his second season in the league, Parsons recorded 13.5 sacks and 90 pressures, topping his incredible rookie season (13 sacks, 67 pressures). This resulted in his overall rating in Madden 23 jumping from an 88 to a 96 by the end of the season.

Although Micah Parsons is one of the best edge rushers in the NFL, I don't think EA is quite ready to add him into the 99 Club. I believe he'll start Madden 24 with a similar rating to where he left off last year.

Rating Prediction: 96 to 98 overall