Predicting the highest-rated Cowboys players in Madden 24

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys
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Madden season is almost upon us. EA has announced that Madden Ratings Week, hosted by ESPN, will kick off next week on July 17. The week-long event will reveal the latest player ratings for the launch of Madden 24 in August.

In Madden 23 last year, the Dallas Cowboys were rated with a 86 team overall, fourth best in the NFC tied with the San Francisco 49ers and one point higher than the Philadelphia Eagles. The only NFC teams rated higher than the Cowboys to start the season were the Buccaneers, Rams and Packers. What a difference a year makes.

While the biggest detractors will always argue that the Cowboys are overrated in Madden every year, EA has typically been pretty fair to them. A busy offseason should result in the Cowboys being rated as one of the top three teams in the NFC this year, likely behind the Philadelphia Eagles and San Francisco 49ers.

With team and player ratings set to arrive next week, we decided to predict who some of the best-rated players will be on this year's Cowboys team at the launch of Madden 24.

Trevon Diggs (CB)

Trevon Diggs saw his interception total drop to just three in 2022, down from the 11 he had in 2021 when he made the All-Pro First Team. But experts agree he was a better overall player last year, giving up fewer yards in coverage.

He'll challenge quarterbacks to make throws in tight windows and punish them for even a bit of inaccuracy or poor timing. Diggs does occasionally get beat by opposing receivers, but he makes up for it with his game-changing ball skills and tendency to force turnovers. That can be huge for a defense, both in real life and in Madden.

At just 24 years old, Diggs is just at the beginning of his prime. He was rated an 87 last year in Madden 23, and I suspect he might get a little love to start the year in Madden 24. I think EA gives him a slight boost with the expectation that his consistent play will improve even more with the arrival of Stephon Gilmore.

Rating Prediction: 88 to 90 overall