NFL Power Rankings based on red zone offense: Cowboys nearly bringing up the rear

Dallas Cowboys v Arizona Cardinals
Dallas Cowboys v Arizona Cardinals / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

The overreactions were out in full force following the Dallas Cowboys' loss to the Arizona Cardinals in Week 2.

Though an embarrassing result as no team should need a "wake-up call" after two games, especially after how much Micah Parsons and others talked after starting 2-0, we're still talking about a 2-1 group that's among the best in the NFL.

Of course, the Cowboys will have to prove over the next few weeks that they belong in the same conversation as the 49ers and Eagles in the NFC. A rebound performance from the defense is a must after it allowed 28 points, 222 rushing yards and chunks plays of 69, 45, 44 and 22 yards.

While there's no excusing a drop-off of that magnitude, the defense deserves the benefit of the doubt given how it performed in the first two games and for most of last season.

The offense is a different story. While Dak Prescott and Co. have moved the ball at will and rank among the best offenses in the NFL in EPA per play, the red zone struggles are glaring and need immediate fixing.

Simply put, the Cowboys are one of the worst red zone offense's in the league as far as scoring touchdowns.

NFL power rankings based on red zone offense (TD only): Cowboys are down bad

  1. Miami Dolphins: 78.57%
  2. Green Bay Packers: 77.78%
  3. Kansas City Chiefs: 75.00%
  4. Cleveland Browns: 75.00%
  5. Baltimore Ravens: 72.73%
  6. New England Patriots: 71.43%
  7. LA Chargers: 66.67%
  8. Indianapolis Colts: 66.67%
  9. Pittsburgh Steelers: 66.67%
  10. NY Giants: 62.50%
  11. Buffalo Bills: 61.54%
  12. Seattle Seahawks: 61.54%
  13. LA Rams: 60%
  14. Cincinnati Bengals: 60.00%
  15. Chicago Bears: 60.00%
  16. Arizona Cardinals: 57.14%
  17. Carolina Panthers: 57.14%
  18. Atlanta Falcons: 55.56%
  19. Detroit Lions: 55.56%
  20. San Francisco 49ers: 53.85%
  21. Minnesota Vikings: 50.00%
  22. Washington Commanders: 50.00%
  23. Las Vegas Raiders: 50.00%
  24. Jacksonville Jaguars: 50.00%
  25. Denver Broncos: 45.45%
  26. Philadelphia Eagles: 45.45%
  27. Dallas Cowboys: 40.00%
  28. New Orleans Saints: 40.00%
  29. New York Jets: 40.00%
  30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 37.50%
  31. Tennessee Titans: 33.33%
  32. Houston Texans: 27.27%

Some teams ranked ahead of the Cowboys haven't had close to as many red zone trips, but have converted at a high rate, but make no mistake: this is embarrassing. There are ample teams with a touchdown rate higher than 40% whose talent level pales in comparison to that of Mike McCarthy's offense.

For added perspective, the Cowboys have failed to score on five straight goal-to-go opportunities (1st and goal), per Bobby Belt of 105.3 The Fan. It's the longest streak of Dak's career.

Plenty of time to right the ship, but Dallas better start ascending up these rankings soon.

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