NFC team may force Cowboys to make smartest head coach hire

Houston Texans v Atlanta Falcons
Houston Texans v Atlanta Falcons / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

The Dallas Cowboys still haven't made a decision on Mike McCarthy. Though anonymous players have come out in support of McCarthy, Sunday's loss against the Green Bay Packers was the kind of disaster that demands a change.

For all of the regular season success McCarthy's had with the Cowboys, he's had three cracks at the playoffs and came up short each time. Dallas' issues don't end with McCarthy, but the fact they allowed Green Bay to come into their building and slap them around without fighting back is a fireable offense.

If the Cowboys move on from McCarthy, everyone expects Jerry Jones to pivot quickly to Bill Belichick. It's no secret that Jones is fond of Belichick, and the former Patriots coach has great respect for Dallas' owner.

If Jones really does want Belichick he needs to get a move on because the Falcons already completed an interview with the 71-year-old. Or, you know, Jones could take his time so he makes the smartest possible hire.

Falcons might save the Cowboys from hiring Bill Belichick

Listen, nobody's throwing a fit if Belichick becomes the Cowboys head coach. He's the greatest coach in the history of the NFL. His pedigree as a six-time Super Bowl champion would move mountains in terms of having Dallas prepared for whatever is thrown at them in the playoffs.

Are we sure Belichick is what the Cowboys need, though? He's 20 years older than the average playoff head coach right now. While his age fits Dallas' championship window, we haven't seen Belichick in a playoff setting in three years and he hasn't won a playoff game in five years.

His resume speaks for itself, but the age is a concern. The team's best poised to make a deep postseason run all have exotic, innovative offenses. Let's stay in the NFC. The Cowboys need to worry about getting out of their own conference first and foremost, after all.

The 49ers' Kyle Shanahan and Packers' Matt LaFleur, who use a ton of motion, have given Dallas fits over the years.

Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson doesn't hail from the Shanahan coaching tree, but his ability to throw defenses different looks and make in-game adjustments would be a needed change of pace from McCarthy's stubborn coaching style and timid approach when his team is trailing. The same can be said for Texans offensive coordinator Bob Slowik.

Jerry Jones might want someone with previous coaching experience to take the reins, but the Falcons could save him from bringing in Belichick. Owner Arthur Blank can pay Belichick whatever he wants and would probably be willing to give him some say, if not full control, of personnel decisions.

Jones might not be as lenient in that regard.

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