Must-see Trevon Diggs clip brings hope for Cowboys' 2024 season

He's back! Sorta.
New York Jets v Dallas Cowboys
New York Jets v Dallas Cowboys / Richard Rodriguez/GettyImages

It's been a long time since we've heard from Trevon Diggs. The Cowboys' star corner tore his ACL back during a team practice in September, and has been rehabbing – with the occasional positive update – ever since. Without a whole lot of new players to look forward to this season, the return of Diggs is one of the bigger storylines of training camp later this month.

And this week, we may have gotten one of the best updates yet. Diggs – ahem – Took To Twitter (TM) with a video of him working out in sand, which would seem difficult for someone who didn't have both of his knees intact.

I have not torn either of my ACLs (yet) and I couldn't even get close to doing this. Any time I try and walk on the beach I either drop everything I'm carrying and trip over myself, or burn my feet so badly that I immediately regret coming.

But here Diggs is, doing quick burst drills while changing direction and running backwards. He even pantomimes the interception at the end, which is a crucial part of the process. Now I'm not a doctor, but I did watch this Twitter video a few times, so I feel confident in saying that if you can do this barefoot in the sand, doing it on the turf at Cowboys Stadium is no problem.

This is peak offseason content. It's what the summer's all about. Random Twitter accounts tweeting random videos of random athletes doing random workouts. Someone, somewhere, is putting this into their season preview as a reason why the Cowboys are easily the NFC East favorites. This is going to be on an ESPN morning show tomorrow, I guarantee it. Football is so back.