Micah Parsons' cryptic tweets hint at frustration with role in Cowboys' Week 10 win

New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys
New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

The Dallas Cowboys took care of business against the New York Giants on Sunday, routing their division rivals by a final score of 49-17. The Cowboys could have scored 60 points if they wanted, but they pulled Dak Prescott and most of their starters early-to-midway through the fourth quarter.

Somehow, Micah Parsons wasn't yanked until the latter stages of the fourth quarter. It wasn't until after the Giants kicked a field goal with 8:54 left in the game that Parsons was spotted on the sidelines with no helmet on.

It was an uncharacteristic quiet game from Parsons, who failed to show up in the box score for the first time all season. It stands to reason that the coaching staff didn't fully unleash "The Lion" against an outmatched opponent.

The logic behind that is questionable at best, especially considering Parsons is in the conversation for Defensive Player of the Year.

Usually celebratory on social media after big wins, Parsons was oddly cryptic on Twitter (or X) that maybe hint at frustration with his role on Sunday.

Micah Parsons posted cryptic messages on Twitter after Cowboys' Week 10 win

It's anyone's guess what Parsons hinted at, but it's definitely strange, no? If you follow Parsons on Twitter (or X, whatever tickles your fancy), you know he's always gassing up teammates and retweeting/quote-tweeting stats that highlight his team's and teammates' accomplishments.

For what it's worth, Parsons saw reps at inside linebacker on Sunday. In fact, Dante Fowler and rookie DT Mazi Smith lined up at edge rusher to open the second half. It's clear Dan Quinn viewed the Giants as an opponent to experiment against.

At the same time, though, this was a prime stat-padding game. The Cowboys kept CeeDee Lamb in for an extra few plays in the fourth quarter so he can get over 10 catches and 150 receiving yards.

In doing so, Lamb became the first player in the Super Bowl era to post double-digit catches and at least 150 receiving yards in three straight games. Is it possible Parsons is annoyed he wasn't afforded the same opportunity to unleash havoc against Tommy DeVito and the Giants' lowly offensive line?

You be the judge.

Pretty easy to read between the lines there, though nobody's accusing Parsons of stirring up controversy. Did the Cowboys maybe view Week 10 as a opportunity to get their secondary pass rushers and interior defenders more snaps? Did that strategy come at Parsons' expense?

It's anyone's guess, but Parsons postgame tweets will undoubtedly get Cowboys Nation talking before the team plays again in Week 11.

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