Kyle Shanahan's subtle shot at Cowboys proves Jerry Jones must take action

Kyle Shanahan adds insult to injury after Cowboys' playoff embarrassment
Dallas Cowboys v San Francisco 49ers
Dallas Cowboys v San Francisco 49ers / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages

Everything was sunshine and rainbows this time last week. The Dallas Cowboys put a bow on the regular season by winning the NFC East and nabbing the No. 2 seed to guarantee themselves a minimum of two home playoff games.

Two home playoff games were seen as the big prize given Dallas was 8-0 at AT&T Stadium this season and undefeated at home in their last 16 games. However, it also meant avoiding the San Francisco 49ers until the NFC Championship Game, all the while allowing other teams to potentially take down their kryptonite.

As it turns out, Mike McCarthy and Dan Quinn weren't ready for the moment. We wouldn't accuse them of overlooking the Green Bay Packers, but they absolutely got out-coached and were the lesser prepared team. The game was effectively over no later than early in the third quarter after they fell behind 34-10.

The Cowboys deserve to be dragged and Kyle Shanahan, whose 49ers host the Packers on Sunday, piled on the embarrassment by revealing to the media when he started preparing for their second-round opponent.

Kyle Shanahan dragged the Cowboys after playoff embarrassment

The latest point of humiliation for the Cowboys, but surely not the last.

Does the Shanahan coaching tree love embarrassing Dan Quinn or what? The grin and head nod really put the insult over the top. Shanahan even let the dig breath for a minute. Perfect execution of dragging a rival.

It doesn't even matter if Shanahan was being honest here. He likely waited until the end of the game -- or at least the end of the third quarter -- to dive into Packers film, but that's not the point. Shanahan couldn't pass up the opportunity to rub salt in Dallas' wound and who can blame him?

It just underlines how badly the Cowboys got destroyed in game where they were touchdown favorites at home against the youngest roster in the NFL. They were supposed to lay it all on the line, even if the execution left something to be desired. Instead, they allowed a nine-win team into their home and let it smack them around without so much as a counter punch.

Does anyone else get the feeling Shanahan and the 49ers were looking forward to seeing the Cowboys again? While the previous playoff matchups between Dallas and San Francisco were tightly-contested games, Shanahan's 49ers have owned McCarthy's Cowboys during their tenures as head coach.

Forget social media and rival fans. The Cowboys are the butt of every joke inside NFL locker rooms. The head coach of the Super Bowl favorite couldn't help but drag Dallas. If this doesn't force Jerry Jones to take action and make a change, then what will?

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