How NFL's new Thursday Night Football flex scheduling could impact the Cowboys

Cincinnati Bengals v Dallas Cowboys
Cincinnati Bengals v Dallas Cowboys / Richard Rodriguez/GettyImages
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Thursday Night Football has always been sort of a mixed bag for the NFL. While conceptually it sounds wonderful — fans get another day of the week to enjoy football while the league reaps the financial benefits of another prime time slot (while the players suffer on a short week rest) — the games themselves rarely live up to the preseason scheduling hype.

Part of this is this is simply less time for teams to prepare and gameplan throughout the week. But another big issue is that the league is unpredictable.

When making the schedule, the NFL tries to put marquee matchups for the primetime slots, including Thursday Night Football. But as the season plays out, we quickly learn that predictions don't always come to fruition. The result is sometimes we get a few stinkers, like last year's Week 14 matchup between the 6-11 Las Vegas Raiders and 5-12 Los Angeles Rams.

To address this, NFL owners passed a resolution this week that will allow for flex scheduling of Thursday Night Football games. The new resolution, which is on a trial basis, gives the league the power to switch a Sunday afternoon game into a Thursday night game while moving the originally scheduled Thursday night game to Sunday afternoon.

This flex scheduling can only be done during Week 13 through Week 17 and the League Office must provide at least 28 days' notice. It can also only be done twice during a season.

The Dallas Cowboys were one of 24 votes in favor of the new Thursday Night Football flex scheduling resolution. That's probably because Jerry Jones likes money, regardless of what it could mean for player safety or even the competitiveness of his own franchise. Which begs the question, how will the NFL's new TNF flex scheduling impact the Dallas Cowboys?