Giants rookie digs his own grave trash-talking Cowboys' Trevon Diggs

Trevon Diggs put the rookie WR in his place.
New York Jets v Dallas Cowboys
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Due to their long-standing playoff failures, the Dallas Cowboys aren't in a position to talk down on other so-called contenders. With their current core of Dak Prescott, CeeDee Lamb, Micah Parsons and Trevon Diggs, they've managed to stay relevant through the adversity and in the conversation of teams that could win a Super Bowl.

When it comes to rivalries, however, trash-talk morals and standards go out the window. It's a level playing field for all parties. The Cowboys and their fans have full justification to go after the Eagles and their fan base.

They can even entertain what the Giants and Commanders have to say, even if both teams have been a laughingstock for the last decade. Having said that, it's never a good idea for little brother to antagonize the eldest sibling, especially when little brother is the new kid on the block.

Why do we say that? Because the Giants might have to pay for rookie wide receiver Malik Nabers' sins after he boldly called out Trevon Diggs.

Giants rookie Malik Nabers will regret calling out Cowboys' Trevon Diggs

The No. 6 overall pick in this year's draft, Nabers was recently asked which matchup he's most looking forward to as a rookie and he named Diggs without hesitation. Clearly high (perhaps too high) on confidence, Nabers went a step further and trolled Diggs on X with a coffin emoji, seemingly to say that he's going to put Diggs in a coffin when the Cowboys and Giants lock horns.

Nabers' swagger is commendable, but he's written a check that his team can't cash ... and hasn't been able to cash in over a decade. After catching wind of Nabers' comment, Diggs reminded the former LSU star of the Cowboys' utter dominance over the Giants in a snazzy reply post.

And just like that, Diggs put Nabers in his place.

Perhaps Nabers needs a reminder that the Cowboys have won six straight games against the Giants. The point differential in those contests is an astounding 205 to 79, so Dallas has outscored its rival by 126 points. Dating back to 2013, the Cowboys have won 18 of the last 22 matchups versus New York.

In fairness, Nabers didn't predict a Giants upset. He merely noted that he's looking forward to lining up against No. 7. In doing so, though, he lit a fire under Diggs, who, as a prominent voice in the locker room, will relay Nabers' message to his teammates when it's time to play the Giants. The rookie incidentally gave the Cowboys extra motivation to pummel New York.

Even worse, Nabers woke a sleeping giant.

The Cowboys and Giants don't play until Week 4, so Diggs will have close to a month of football under his belt following ACL surgery before he goes toe-to-toe with Nabers. Diggs might not be at full-strength for that game, but rest assured he'll be at full throttle for the Thanksgiving showdown.

Until then, we'll be manifesting a Diggs pick-six in either matchup on a telegraphed Daniel Jones pass intended for Nabers.

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