Extremely cryptic tweet from popular Cowboy leaves fans guessing about Dan Quinn

Washington Commanders v Dallas Cowboys
Washington Commanders v Dallas Cowboys / Brandon Sloter/GettyImages

The Dallas Cowboys decision to keep Mike McCarthy as head coach sent shockwaves around the NFL. They created more headlines when Adam Shefter reported McCarthy wouldn't receive a contract extension, meaning he'll enter 2024 on the final year of his contract.

Now, everyone is waiting for the Dan Quinn shoe to drop. A number of Cowboys fans have seen enough of Quinn as defensive coordinator. His defense fell apart near the end of the regular season and hemorrhaged in the playoffs against a talented, but overachieving Packers offense.

Quinn is currently interviewing for head coach openings. He secured second interviews with the Titans, Seahawks and Commanders. Tennessee has since hired Bengals offensive coordinator Brian Callahan. That leaves Seattle and Washington, with whom Quinn will interview on Thursday and Sunday, respectively.

It's unclear when the Seahawks and Commanders will decide on their next head coach. The announcement might come soon, however, or at least that's what Cowboys fans are left thinking following a cryptic tweet from fan favorite safety Juanyeh Thomas.

Cryptic tweet from Juanyeh Thomas leaves Cowboys fans guessing about Dan Quinn's future

There's no reading between the lines there, folks. Thomas could just be trolling, but he referenced something that occurred on Twitter in replying to a fan.

Could Thomas be referencing the Callahan news? Was Quinn on the verge of being hired by Tennessee before they pivoted to Callahan? Who knows. The important thing is the Seahawks vacancy hasn't been filled and Quinn's long felt like the lead candidate for that job given his history with the team.

Did Thomas catch wind of the comments made by Cowboys legend Troy Aikman? The Hall of Fame quarterback didn't mince words when discussing Dallas' playoff loss, but he didn't make any explosive comments, either. He gave a very honest assessment and didn't pin the loss on any player or coach.

"I really liked this team all year long. I thought they were really talented. … It’s just the same old story, and I don’t mean that as a criticism. It’s just when I’m asked about the Cowboys as to why they have struggled, they’ve put together some really great regular seasons. They just have not, for whatever reasons, played their best football when the games matter most. . . ."

Like we said: Nothing crazy there from Aikman.

It's anyone's guess what happened on Twitter that caused Thomas' reaction. Regardless, it got an already-fidgety fan base talking and we can't help but wonder what it means for Quinn.

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