Examining the pros and cons of a Cowboys-Stefon Diggs trade

Dallas Cowboys v Buffalo Bills
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The potential cons of Cowboys trading for Stefon Diggs

Are we absolutely sure Diggs would endorse being the No. 2 in Dallas? Does he still consider himself a top-five wide receiver? Regardless, Lamb is younger and better.

Furthermore, there are attitude concerns with Diggs. He's been known to explode on Josh Allen on the sidelines during games. The Cowboys are no stranger to emotional superstars. They had Terrell Owens and Dez Bryant, but both players came to play on Sundays. The question Dallas has to ask is whether the juice would be worth the squeeze with Diggs.

That doesn't take away from the spectacular career he's had in Buffalo, however. In four seasons, Diggs compiled 445 catches, 5372 yards and 37 touchdowns. In 2020, Diggs caught 127 passes (eighth most in NFL history) and 1,535 (which led the league) and eight touchdowns.

Diggs has been a superstar all throughout his career. He's a potential future Hall of Famer. Both Diggs and the Cowboys are desperate to reach a Super Bowl. With Buffalo fresh off another playoff letdown and Diggs coming off his worst year with the team, the Cowboys won't get a better opportunity to reunite the Diggs brothers.

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