Eagles reporter laughably paints Cowboys LB as dirty player after Dallas Goedert injury

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles
Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

Sunday was an instant classic rivalry game between the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles. Though the Eagles came out on top, the Cowboys were mere inches away from stealing the game and are surely counting down the days until the Week 14 rematch in Dallas.

In the meantime, there's additional bad blood brewing between the division rivals after the injury Eagles tight end Dallas Goedert suffered in the game.

Goedert suffered a fractured forearm and is considered a candidate for injured reserve, which would knock him out for a huge four-game stretch for the Eagles that includes games against the Chiefs, Bills, 49ers and Cowboys, respectively.

It's an unfortunate outcome for Goedert, who sustained the injury when Cowboys linebacker Markquese Bell combatted a Goedert stiff arm by latching onto the tight end's arm and wrestling him to the ground.

It was an awkward play all-around, and one that has led to Eagles reporter Josh Tolentino of the Philadelphia Inquirer painting Bell as a dirty player because Goedert got injured.

Eagles reporter painting Cowboys' Markquese Bell as dirty player after Dallas Goedert injury is a joke.

We're gutted for Goedert, but what else was Bell supposed to do? Accept the stiff arm and allow Goedert to keep scampering up the sideline? His tackle -- though unorthodox -- stopped Goedert in his tracks and saved a touchdown.

If anything, this was a crafty display of tackling by Bell. There was zero intent to injure. Goedert executed a textbook stiff arm of Bell's facemask and the linebacker simply grabbed the only thing he could in the moment: Goedert's arm. It's unfortunate that Bell's momentum landed on Goedert's arm, but this was a bang-bang play.

Take a look at this picture of the tackle. You can see that Goedert clearly had a hand-full of Bell's facemask and the 24-year-old latched onto Goedert's arm as a last-ditch effort to make the tackle. It worked and Goedert was unfortunately injured as a result.

Goedert's stiff arm was so ferocious that Bell couldn't even see what he was tackling. And we're supposed to believe this was dirty? The injury puts a bigger microscope on the tackle, but that doesn't make it malicious.

Bell grabbed what he could as his head got turned. He made no attempt to twist Goedert's arm as Josh Tolentino of the the Philly Inquirer implied.

That's really all there is to it. Eagles fans can only see red because of Goedert's injury and the rivalry between Philly and the Cowboys. We feel awful for Goedert and wish him a speedy recovery, but this wasn't a dirty play and Bell isn't a dirty player.

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