Every Cowboys fan needs this amazing Starter jacket for 2023 season

This Cowboys starter jacket is a must-have for all fans.
Dallas Cowboys starter jacket
Dallas Cowboys starter jacket / HOMAGE

Not many teams in the NFL (if any) have more iconic uniforms than the Dallas Cowboys. The star on the helmet is symbolic and represents decades of winning football, including five Super Bowl titles and eight total championship appearances.

There's no denying the allure of the white tops and silver pants and helmet. We're all aware the Cowboys prefer to wear white at home, but some fans prefer the navy blue tops. At home games, AT&T Stadium is coated in a sea of white and navy blue, which speaks to the popularity of the blue tops.

And who could forget their classic Thanksgiving uniforms, which Dallas (finally) brought back last season for the first time since 2012.

If you're ever not in the mood to rock a Cowboys jersey, the new starter jacket from Homage is a must-have for fans. Homage has produced some of the best NFL gear around and they've outdone themselves with these satin starter jackets.

Dallas Cowboys Starter jacket

Dallas Cowboys merchandise from HOMAGE
Dallas Cowboys merchandise from HOMAGE / HOMAGE

Who are we kidding? The silver-dominated coloring with navy blue lettering is a gorgeous look and combines perfectly with the vintage chest logo and team name on the back. It's a simple look, but that's oftentimes the best form of fashion. Homage added just enough navy blue and the silver color scheme matches with any bottom, whether it be jeans, sweatpants or shorts.

If that wasn't enough, Homage threw in a "Doomsday Defense" patch on the inside of the jacket as a nod to the elite Cowboys defenses spanning 1960s and 1970s.

Of course, linebacker Chuck Howley became the first defensive player to win Super Bowl MVP in 1971. Fast forward to 1977 and DL Randy White and Harvey Martin became the first teammates to win the award as co-MVPs of the Super Bowl.

It's awesome that these jackets pay homage (see what we did there?) to the Doomsday Defense and they're selling fast as a result. To purchase a jacket, head to the Homage site. They cost $165, which is around the price of an authentic Cowboys jersey you'll find online or in the team store at AT&T Stadium.

Homage / Homage

Homage is also offering free shipping on orders over $75, so it's basically the equivalent of heading to your local sports shop and buying it yourself.

This is the perfect apparel to last all of football season. It's light enough to wear during the early Fall, but it can do the job in the winter as well. What are you waiting for? Head over to Homage to pick up your Cowboys Starter jacket today.

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