Dallas Cowboys fact or fiction: Defensive edition

Indianapolis Colts v Dallas Cowboys
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Trevon Diggs posts double-digit interceptions

Any time you have a big-name player heading into a contract year they seem to play a lot better than the previous season. Well, Diggs is that player for the Cowboys this season.

Last season, Diggs was only able to create three turnovers but it wasn't for a lack of trying as he defended 14 passes as well.

This season with Stephon Gilmore opposite him, quarterbacks will be forced to throw in Diggs' direction and if you've seen Diggs play any ball around him is considered his. He wasn't able to see that last season with Anthony Brown and others like Kelvin Joseph opposite him teams picked on those corners instead.

With that strategy no longer available, Diggs' opportunities will skyrocket leading to another double-digit season of interceptions (12) that will only further show he's one of if not the best cornerback in the league.


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