Cowboys vs Packers: Unveiling key matchups and X-factors in Wild Card showdown

Dallas Cowboys v Green Bay Packers
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3 key Cowboys defensive matchups vs Packers

Micah Parsons vs Zach Tom

It's time to face facts, Micah Parsons will not be getting a holding call the rest of the season, for reasons unknown. That doesn't mean he can't come into this game and be the game-wrecker that we all know he can be against an offensive line that is giving up a ton of pressure this season. He will have his choice of offensive linemen to attack in this game, both tackles Rasheed Walker and Zach Tom or center Josh Myers. For my money, Parsons could have his best outing going at Toms in this game.

Tom has accounted for 33 pressures this season and has problems with speed rushers off the edge so that bodes well for Parsons in this game. His ability to transition from speed to power is going to give Tom a lot of problems and could give the Cowboys a huge upper hand in how this game plays out. Look for the Cowboys to line Micah up against Tom early in this game.

Damone Clark vs Aaron Jones

The last time these two teams faced each other the Cowboys were more focused on stopping Aaron Rodgers, this time around they have to try and stop another Aaron, Aaron Jones who has come back from his injury and hit the ground running. Jones has surpassed the 100-yard mark over the last three games and if the Cowboys want to put the pressure on first-year starter Jordan Love they'll need to stop Jones, and that's where Damone Clark comes in. Clark to his credit has seemed to figure out how to play linebacker in the NFL over the last few weeks.

He isn't guessing or waiting to see where the football goes like he was early in the season, now he's seeing things a lot better and playing with more speed and aggression at the point of attack. That's a good sign for the Cowboys who are going to be looking to stop Jones so they can pin their ears back and go after Love. Clark will play a big role in this game and he looks like he can handle it, something I don't think I could have said earlier in the season.

Donovan Wilson vs Luke Musgrave

Every quarterback in this league has a receiver that they look for when they get into trouble and for Jordan Love its tight end Luke Musgrave. If the Cowboys want to make sure they can get Love on the ground they'll need to take away his safety valve in Musgrave who is a very good pass catching tight end. Look for Donovan Wilson to be matched up against Musgrave much like he was against Sam LaPorta when they played the Lions.

Wilson has the speed and size to blanket Musgrave and force Love to look for someone else to make a play. Wilson also has the ball-hawking mentality that will give Love some pause when looking to throw in Musgrave's direction. Wilson should be able to take him out of this game and put even more pressure on Love in his first playoff appearance.