Cowboys' Trevon Diggs hilariously predicts future after Micah Parsons squat workout goes viral

NFC Divisional Playoffs - Dallas Cowboys v San Francisco 49ers
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It's been all quiet on the Dallas Cowboys news front since the NFL Draft. While the schedule release incited some excitement amongst fans, perhaps the most common theme of the offseason has been Micah Parsons' workout videos.

Leading up to the draft, Parsons was spotted working out with newly-minted Eagles running back D'Andre Swift and former Texas RBs Bijan Robinson and Roschon Johnson, both of whom were linked to Dallas before the draft.

Just last week, Parsons linked up with new teammate Deuce Vaughn and Ja'Marr Chase for a speed-drill-centered workout. Despite outweighing Chase by some 50 pounds, Parsons ran step-for-step with the Bengals superstar.

The latest Parsons sweat-inducing clip featured only Parsons himself. Incredibly, it's arguably the most impressive of Parsons' workouts as the Defensive Player of the Year finalist squatted 425 pounds without much difficulty.

Trevon Diggs, clearly keeping track of Parsons' intense workout catalog this offseason, replied to the video with a hilarious -- albeit unfortunate -- prediction of his teammate's future.

Cowboys: Trevon Diggs predicts Micah Parsons drug test after insane squat workout

Diggs sadly might be spot on with this tweet. It would be so ironic and hypocritical of the league to hit Parsons with a random drug test after it was their Twitter account that aggregated the Cowboys star's workout video, but we all know the NFL isn't above that.

The Cowboys largely have avoided the league's random drug-testing policy. Other notable players haven't been so lucky, however.

Take former Cardinals defender J.J. Watt for example. Watt retired at the end of the 2022 season and still received a text in February on behalf of the NFL saying he needed to coordinator an appointment for an "hgh (human growth hormone) dry blood spot test. Again, this is a retired player we're talking about.

You might say this proves the "randomness" of the tests, but Seahawks receiver D.K. Metcalf's experience suggests otherwise.

A few weeks before Watt's test, Metcalf showed out in the Celebrity All-Star Game during NBA All-Star Weekend. The 2020 Pro Bowler poured in 20 points to go with 10 rebounds en route to winning game MVP honors. Sure enough, Metcalf received a similar text to Watt asking to confirm an appointment for a drug test.

Metcalf shared the text to his Instagram story.

Is Parsons next up on the NFL's checklist? Time will tell, but Diggs certainly wasn't off-base with his puckish tweet. If Metcalf can get tested after participating in a basketball scrimmage, Parsons absolutely could get tested after squatting 425 pounds without breaking a sweat.

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