Cowboys schedule: Predicting the outcome of all 4 remaining games

Are the Dallas Cowboys going to be able to survive the gauntlet to end the 2023 season?
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Week 18: Dallas Cowboys @ Washington Commanders

Sunday, January 7, 12:00 PM CT

The Dallas Cowboys know after losing to the Joshua Dobbs-led Arizona Cardinals earlier this season that you can never underestimate an opponent. In this case, you especially can't underestimate a division rival that is looking to play spoiler.

The Washington Commanders were an interesting story near the beginning of the year but they've really fallen off lately, selling off som parts at the NFL trade deadline and looking like they could be headed for some wholesale changes again in 2024.

What does that mean for this game? Well, it means the Dallas Cowboys should absolutely dog-walk this team on their home field. I don't think the Cowboys -- or any NFC powerhouse -- is going to be in a position to be able to take it easy in Week 18 and I think the No. 1 seed in the conference could still be up for grabs.


If that's the case, and especially if that's the case, you'd better believe that Dallas is going to be playing its starters and going after that top seed. And that being the case, I don't think there's really much here to project. This should be a classic situation of one team with just too much talent, too much at stake, and I don't think the Commanders are going to catch Dallas sleeping.

Prediction: Cowboys win 38-13

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