Looking into Cowboys rookie extension candidates and what they might get

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Chauncey Golston

Golston is the Cowboys' final extension candidate from the 2021 class. Some folks might view his inclusion as a reach, but he's stepped up as a valuable piece in the defensive line rotation the last two seasons.

A third-round pick in the 2021 draft, Golston posted a higher pass-rush grade this season than Dorance Armstrong, Sam Williams and Dante Fowler. He finished with 20 pressures, two sacks and 17 hurries in just 190 pass-rush snaps, per Pro Football Focus.

Golston is the most versatile of the Cowboys' rotational defensive lineman. In 2023, he logged 162 snaps lined up as a defensive tackle. No other DE had more than 55 snaps in that regard. He also logged 136 snaps lined up on the DL over a tackle. That was the highest among Dallas' edge rushers.

With Armstrong and Fowler headed for free agency, Golston could step into a prominent role next season. His versatility will likely be valued by new defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer. He's not a difference-maker, but every team needs a versatile DL and Golston checks a lot of boxes.

Projection: Three years, $18 million ($14 million guaranteed)

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