Cowboys News: Stephen Jones ends QB speculation, Mike McCarthy defends clock management

Dallas Cowboys v Los Angeles Chargers
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The Dallas Cowboys have a big decision to make in the offseason regarding Dak Prescott's future. While Prescott is under contract through 2024, his $59.455 million cap hit isn't conducive to fielding a Super Bowl-caliber roster.

Furthermore, no "contender" should want its franchise QB entering a contract year. It's an unnecessary distraction, so long as the player and front office are on the same page. There's been no evidence to suggest Prescott and the Cowboys' braintrust don't see eye to eye in that regard.

It appears owner Jerry Jones and executive vice president Stephen Jones are in lockstep about Prescott remaining Dallas' quarterback.

Speaking to The Athletic's Dianna Russini, Stephen Jones said the Cowboys will begin contract negotiations with Prescott right after the season. Jones put a stamp on his statement by saying "Dak will be our quarterback [in 2024]."

Cowboys News: Dak Prescott contract extension, Mike McCarthy on clock management

This is a big statement by Jones, if not a surprising one. Prescott's contract is virtually unmovable before 2025. Between his monstrous cap hit and continued steady play under center, it'd make little to no sene for the Cowboys to move off the two-time Pro Bowler after this season.

You can debate whether Prescott is worth $50 million per year, but where is Dallas finding an upgrade? You'd be hard-pressed to list 12 quarterbacks drafted in the last 15 or so years that've carved out a better career than Prescott. The odds of finding someone better are very low.

Might Prescott have a new head coach come next season, though?

Fans' patience with Mike McCarthy is running low after his cowardly clock management before halftime against the Chargers in Week 6. With a timeout in his back pocket and enough time to take a shot at the end zone (the offense was deep in Chargers territory) McCarthy let the clock wind down to three seconds before he stopped the clock to kick a field goal.

McCarthy did himself zero favors appearing on local radio this week when he defended the boneheaded decision.

It's such a terrible quote that fans on social media questioned if it's real. It's sadly very real.

People joke all the time about quotes and decisions being a "fireable offense." Nobody's calling for McCarthy's job, but this is an all-time bad soundbite from the head coach. It represents a complete lack of accountability and that mindset will get Dallas beat later in the season when he makes a similar decision.

Hope you had a relaxing bye week because the madness is back.

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