Cowboys News: CeeDee Lamb's mom, Dak Prescott, Micah Parsons' brother

Detroit Lions v Dallas Cowboys
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Micah Parsons addresses brother's cryptic comments

Lamb's mother, Prescott's brother and now Parsons' brother.

Like Prescott and Lamb, Parsons has received a large amount of online criticism for his no-sack showing against the Packers. Parsons has been accused of caring more about building his brand than winning a Super Bowl, which is silly beyond comprehension. However, thecriticism sparked a flammable reaction from Parsons' brother, Terrence, on social media.

“I can’t wait because y’all are really clueless out here,” Terrence Parsons said on Twitter/X. “The greatest crimes to this man is being done by his own organization... Y’all gonna miss him when he goneeeeeeeee.”

The tweet got picked up by the national media, which prompted Parsons himself to intervene by restating his allegiance to the Cowboys.

That's a relief, though we couldn't call the fire totally extinguished.

Ultimately, nothing good can come from players' family members having a prominent social media voice, eviscerating players and hinting at players' departures. Maybe the contempt blows over as we get longer removed from the loss, but the Cowboys organization needs to nip the apparent tension between the Lamb, Prescott and Parsons families in the bud.

The players might downplay it to the media, but Dallas stands no chance at reaching its ceiling next season and beyond if this continues. Improving their play on the field is one thing, but having to overcome family-created distractions on social media is an unnecessary obstacle, even if the family members had good intentions behind their posts.

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