Cowboys' Micah Parsons went scorched earth on delusional NFL analysts and it's amazing

Dallas Cowboys v Los Angeles Chargers
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The Dallas Cowboys are held to a different standard by the general media and Micah Parsons has seen and heard enough. On his weekly Bleacher Report podcast, Parsons called out the media for not giving the 49ers and Eagles the same energy after they both lost to inferior opponents in Week 6.

Parsons admittedly is fighting a losing battle. The Cowboys move the needle from a viewership standpoint. Even though they're on a bye this week, most national shows lead and finish with conversation about Parsons' Cowboys.

"Why is it that we are just scrubs and we’re nobodies that don’t deserve to be on the field and we’re just all talk, but there’s a hundred excuses for these other teams? If y’all just want to hate Cowboys Nation, just say y’all hate Cowboys Nation,” Parsons said.

Parsons makes great points, but it received some harsh feedback from two prominent analysts: ESPN's Kimberly Martin and FS1's Emmanuel Acho. In attempting to roast Parsons, both analysts made No. 11's point for him.

Parsons fired back on Twitter -- or X, whatever the cool kids are calling it.

Cowboys star Micah Parsons called out NFL analysts on social media.

Acho openly admitted to not talking about T.J. Watt and Myles Garrett, who are arguably having better seasons than Parsons to date, then turned around and said if Parsons had six sacks in a game (like the Chargers' Khalil Mack did three weeks ago) they'd have to rename the show. The double standard in live view.

Moving on to Kimberly Martin, the ESPN reporter followed Acho's lead in making Parsons' point for him. Wait for the end of the clip (and try not to laugh).

Parsons was talking about the Eagles' Week 6 loss; not last season. Completely out of context, Martin brought up last year's Super Bowl. Not sure what substance that holds in this discussion, but yes, remind the people at home that Parsons was indeed watching the Super Bowl along with some 100 million people.

It's like Martin didn't even listen to Parsons' podcast, because she concluded her "roast" by saying, "The star comes with different expectations and when's the last time they [the Cowboys] were in the Super Bowl."

It's been that long and yet Martin's employer talks Cowboys as if they're in the Super Bowl every season. Every loss is dissected with a fine tooth comb. Every Dak Prescott interception is used to slander his status as a top QB. These are the points Parsons was getting at.

Thank you, come again.

We admittedly went after Parsons for proclaiming the Cowboys are still in the same class with the 49ers after Dallas' 40-12 loss in San Francisco. The Defensive Player of the Year candidate has trash-talked a little too much for our liking amid the team's rollercoaster start to the season.

If this is Parsons' new method of blowing off steam, though, then by all means open the floodgates. It's long overdue that a Cowboys superstar called out the media's double standard for America's Team. Mic-dropping a few delusional analysts along the way makes this a huge win for The Lion.

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