Cowboys vs Jets: Determining which OL and DL has the edge in Week 2

Sep 10, 2023; East Rutherford, New Jersey, USA; New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones (8) is
Sep 10, 2023; East Rutherford, New Jersey, USA; New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones (8) is / Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports
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The big matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and former Green Bay Packers and Mike McCarthy quarterback Aaron Rodgers looks to be over before it began after the injury to Rodgers Monday night against the Buffalo Bills.

Now the Cowboys have to prepare for Zach Wilson, who came in after the Rodgers injury and helped his team pick up a huge win. It wasn't pretty, but a win is a win and now the Cowboys coaching staff may need to change their approach to attacking this offense with Wilson under center.

While we're on the subject of attacking, the Jets defense was very impressive in the win. They created four turnovers (three interceptions and one fumble) on QB Josh Allen. The unit was aggressive at the line of scrimmage -- they sacked Allen five times -- and quick to rally to the football out of the secondary.

We knew the Jets were going to have a good D and present a challenge for the Cowboys' offense. With that in mind, let's take a look at the numbers to determine just how tough this game will be for Dallas. To do this, we'll analyze the Cowboys and Jets' offensive outputs in Week 2.

Dallas Cowboys Key Week One Offensive Stats

Passing yards - 143 (Currently 22nd in the league)
Average depth of target - 7.9 yards per attempt
Rushing yards - 122 (Currently 7th in the league)
Average yards per carry - 4.1 yards per carry
Third-down conversion % - 46.2% conversion rate (6-13)
Red-zone conversion % - 75% conversion rate (3-4)
Sacks surrendered - 0
QB pressures - 4
Time to throw in the pocket - 2.1 seconds
Turnovers - 0

New York Jets Key Week One Offensive Stats

Passing yards - 140 (Currently 27th in the league)
Average depth of target - 4.6 yards per attempt
Rushing yards - 172 (Currently 1st in the league)
Average yards per carry - 6.1 yards per carry
Third-down conversion % - 38.5% conversion rate (5-13)
Red-zone conversion % - 33.3% conversion rate (1-3)
Sacks surrendered - 3
QB pressures - 3
Time to throw in the pocket - 3.26 seconds
Turnovers - 1

Taking a look at both offensive schemes the Cowboys deploy a version of the West Coast offense that will help them against most defenses with a strong defensive front. Thanks to the focus on the three or five-step dropback and release they are looking for out of Dak Prescott in order to get rid of the football quickly to negate their pass rush and give Prescott easier throws.

Now we didn't really get to see how much of this offense has changed in Week 1 with Mike McCarthy and Brian Schottenheimer drawing up the gameday plays and making the calls. But there are a few things we did notice that are different for instance the Cowboys from Jason Garrett all the way to Kellen Moore outright resisted adding legal pick plays into their plays. McCarthy did it immediately after recognizing that in order to help Prescott and his receivers he needed to create space quickly and the pick plays were the best way to do it. Those routes incorporated in the plays were able to help this offense in a rainy game and put the cornerbacks of the Giants at a disadvantage. And while it wasn't the greatest stats output the offense was able to control the football and get the win.

Now when you look at the Jets under new offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett the first thing you noticed was the heavy emphasis on the running game. Why not he has to very talented running backs that can make his job a lot easier and take pressure off his new starting quarterback Zach Wilson, in for Aaron Rodgers who's now out for the season. That's not all you'll notice though as Hackett likes to incorporate a lot of wide receiver screens in the passing game as his way of slowing down the opposing teams pass rush. But against Dallas he will more than likely stick to the same game plan he did against the Bills to stop their pass rush from overtaking an offensive line that leaves much to be desired and to counter the speed of the Cowboys front seven.

Now if you had to choose the more efficient offensive group, you are going to lean heavily towards the Cowboys based on their quarterback and overall talent at all positions. The Jets don't have the same amount of talent and will be going against a mush faster defense than the faced against the Bills. But, if the Jets are able to get their two running backs going early this could be a tough one for the Cowboys.

Offensive Edge: Cowboys