Jerry Jones plants textbook smokescreen as Panthers trade up for Jonathon Brooks

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It seemed written in the stars (pun not intended) that the Dallas Cowboys would come away from the NFL Draft with Texas running back Jonathon Brooks. Virtually every mock draft had the Cowboys taking Brooks with pick No. 56 and Jerry Jones tired his hardest to speak it into existence.

As it turns out, Brooks won't be staying in Texas. After hearing that the Cowboys were hot and heavy after the former Longhorn, the anxious Panthers traded up with the Colts in the second round to select Brooks with the No. 46 overall pick.

Cowboys fans might be quick to blame Jones for ruining the Brooks dream, but are we sure the owner didn't go a little overboard on purpose? ESPN Cowboys reporter Todd Archer seems to think Jones was intentionally obnoxious when discussing Brooks.

We know Jones loves to talk, but his Brooks crush got to a point where it seemed this was an intended smokescreen by Jones and the Cowboys.

Cowboys' Jerry Jones baited Panthers into trading up for RB Jonathon Brooks

Would the Cowboys have taken Brooks if he fell to No. 56? Most likely, but Jones spoke glowingly of the day two draft board. It stands to reason that Dallas is content with Brooks landing elsewhere. There are still several quality running backs available (only Brooks has been taken thus far).

Now, they could sit tight on a RB until round three, where they have two picks, and focus on other positions such as linebacker and interior offensive line.

If this was a smokescreen, Jones baited the Panthers into giving up a haul. Per reports, Carolina surrendered the No. 52 pick and two fifth-rounders: Nos. 142 and 155. That is a ginormous haul to take a running back and the Colts have Dallas' chatter-happy owner to thank.

Again, the Cowboys probably would have liked Brooks, but they're not losing any sleep over missing out on him, either. If a smokescreen was Jones' intention, the Panthers fell for it and made a decision they might come to regret regardless of whether Brooks becomes an impact player.

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