Cowboys fans are roasting Joy Taylor for her awful Dak Prescott take

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott (4) celebrates their 27 to 13 win against the Tennessee
Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott (4) celebrates their 27 to 13 win against the Tennessee / George Walker IV / / USA

The Dallas Cowboys are every sports talk show's meal ticket in the dog days of the offseason. They obviously move the needle in-season, too, but no team is subject to more scorching mid-June and July takes than the five-time champs.

While the Cowboys are jointly used as the media's offseason punching bag, no player or coach receives more hate than Dak Prescott.

The conversation surrounding Prescott this offseason has been more harsh than usual (not saying much) after his two-interception and largely disappointing performance in Dallas' Divisional Round loss to the 49ers in January.

Some writers and talking heads have kept their Prescott analysis at a reasonable temperature. Some have labeled him as the quarterback under the most pressure in 2023, or one in a long list of players who are primed to bounce back.

Others, though, have gone right back to the Prescott well for views, like "Speak for Yourself" co-host Joy Taylor, who believes the Walter Payton Man of the Year "isn't talented enough" to take Dallas to the NFC Championship Game.

Cowboys fans roasted Joy Taylor for her take on Dak Prescott

"Dak Prescott is not that talented."

Straight out of the LeSean McCoy playbook, though we don't believe Taylor would stoop as low as to call Prescott "trash" on national television. Nevertheless, did Taylor only watch the Cowboys last season? Did Brock Purdy not lead the 49ers to the NFC Championship Game as the final pick of the 2022 NFL Draft?

And Taylor's belief that Prescott is the lone reason the Cowboys came up short against San Francisco the last two years is erroneous.

Elon Musk might be sending Twitter into an early grave but it was nice to see Taylor's clip get universally panned by Cowboys fans, who were quick to remind the FS1 analyst of some lesser-talented QBs that have recently made the NFC title game.

You could argue that Prescott has more natural talent than all of those gunslingers save Peyton Manning.

In the event Prescott does lead Dallas to the NFC Championship Game, you know Taylor would be right back in her chair moving the goal posts.

Lamar Jackson, Deshaun Watson, Justin Herbert, and Kyler Murray are other upper-echelon quarterbacks who've yet to advance that far.

Who could forget Case Keenum (a lifetime backup) and the Minneapolis Miracle?

A slow news week? With the country celebrating the Fourth of July? What better time to make a hyperbolic claim about the QB of America's Team?

Good on Cowboys fans for letting Taylor know how awful this take was.

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