Cowboys fans ripping Micah Parsons over 76ers fandom need to get a grip

Dec 29, 2022; Nashville, Tennessee, USA; Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons (11) works against
Dec 29, 2022; Nashville, Tennessee, USA; Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons (11) works against / Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The term "generational talent" is thrown around too casually among sports media, but the Dallas Cowboys have a genuine generational talent on their hands in Micah Parsons, who's playing style has been likened to Giants Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor, who wreaked havoc on the league in the 1980s and early '90s.

It goes without saying Parsons is the most universally beloved Cowboy in recent memory.

CeeDee Lamb and Zack Martin are close seconds in terms of the current roster, but there's a reason AT&T Stadium is decked out in Parsons' No. 11 jersey on game days. Even on the road, there's typically hundreds if not thousands of Parsons jerseys spread out amongst traveling fans.

What makes Parsons so easy to root for is that the love is reciprocated on his end. The two-time All-Pro gushes over Dallas at every turn.

Apparently, though, all that wasn't enough to stop a select few Cowboys fans from bursting a gasket on Twitter when they saw Parsons courtside at Game 4 of 76ers-Celtics on Sunday repping a Tyrese Maxey jersey.

Cowboys' Micah Parsons takes heat for repping Philly, wearing 76ers jersey

Look, in a perfect world Parsons would be from Texas and have been raised a Cowboys, Mavericks, Rangers, Stars and FC Dallas fan.

As it turns out, he was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, which is right outside of Philadelphia, and attended college at Penn State. Just like Dallas and Texas natives root for the Cowboys and the city's other professional teams, Parsons supports the 76ers with a passion.

Isn't that the way it's supposed to be? It would've been more head-scratching if Parsons showed up donning a Celtics jersey. Even if Parsons wasn't from PA and grew up a 76ers fans, Cowboys Nation should have zero issue with it.

Parsons even took to Twitter to defend his fandom and jersey choice.

Parsons makes a great point, but it's easy to read between the lines there.

Let's not stoop to the level of Philly fans -- a number of whom are convinced Parsons wants to play for the Eagles after Sunday's game. Much like getting on Parsons' case for being a sports fan, that is delusional.

If by future Eagle you mean lifetime Cowboy, then we agree.

By supporting his childhood team? Give me a break.

The delusion has reached a level we didn't think was possible.

In all seriousness, let's let Parsons enjoy his offseason as he sees fit. If that means attending 76ers playoff games, then so be it. All that matters is his allegiance to the Cowboys, which has never been in question, and his on-field performance, which has been the best of any defender since he entered the NFL two years ago.

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