Cowboys fans catch LeSean McCoy in blatant lie about Tony Pollard’s camp performance

LeSean McCoy lied on national television while discussing Cowboys training camp.
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Forget Dan Orlovsky, Stephen A. Smith and other talking heads in the national media who get their jollies ripping the Dallas Cowboys. LeSean "Shady" McCoy is the newly-crowned public enemy No. 1 among Cowboys fans.

A co-host on FS1's "Speak," McCoy has been outrageously critical of the Cowboys and Dak Prescott since he debuted in September of 2022. He called Prescott "ass" on the nationally-televised program and has stood by the remarks.

Amid pushing an anti-Prescott agenda, McCoy and Fox colleague Emmanuel Acho -- another noted Cowboys cynic -- visited the team's training camp in Oxnard on Tuesday.

The only problem? McCoy and Acho only stayed for 45 minutes before returning to Los Angeles to film their show. On Wednesday, McCoy appeared on "The Herd" with Colin Cowherd to discuss what he observed at Cowboys camp.

McCoy was delighted by what he saw from Tony Pollard, which is odd because Pollard missed Tuesday's practice following the birth of his daughter, Maui.

LeSean McCoy quite literally lied about seeing Tony Pollard at Cowboys training camp.

Pollard hadn't been with the team for multiple days. He returned to Oxnard for Wednesday's walkthrough practice, but again, he wasn't present Tuesday when McCoy and Acho were in attendance. In other words, McCoy blatantly lied on national television.

Having stayed for less than an hour, McCoy and Acho only took in the stretching portion of practice, meaning they missed individual and team drills.

Despite that, though, the Cowboys left a strong impression on McCoy, who said earlier in the segment that the "first thing I noticed" is that the Cowboys are a "top-three most talented team in the league.

All that from watching the team stretch. That's some cutting-edge analysis.

McCoy's visit comes after he took exception when cameras caught Trevon Diggs trash-talking Prescott during practice. Nearly everyone recognized it was a display of high-level competition and nothing personal, but that doesn't fit McCoy's narrative so he pushed the notion that Diggs doesn't respect Prescott.

While McCoy dapped up Micah Parsons, he conveniently couldn't make the time to approach Prescott or Diggs.

What's a worse look for the former Eagle? The fact he lied about seeing Tony Pollard or that he couldn't be bothered to approach the players he made controversial comments about just days earlier?

Ultimately, it doesn't matter. Shady won't face any consequences. As long as he's bringing more attention to Fox Sports, he's teflon.

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