Cowboys Day 3 picks: When does Dallas pick next in 2024 NFL Draft?

Troy v Kansas State
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The Dallas Cowboys addressed three pressing needs on day two of the NFL Draft. They surprised fans by taking DE Marshawn Kneeland at pick No. 56 even though a plethora of running backs and linebackers were available.

The Cowboys followed that with a home run pick at No. 73 in Kansas State offensive lineman Cooper Beebe, who figures to start at center next season. They started and closed the night with a surprise, taking Notre Dame linebacker Maris Liufau with their final selection.

This was the heavy-lifting part of the draft for Dallas. It's huge that they picked up the 73rd pick by trading back with the Lions in round one. It will be a while before the Cowboys pick again, but they only have one need remaining: running back. With that in mind, don't rule out a potential trade-up on day three.

H2: When do the Cowboys pick next?

The Cowboys own the No. 174 overall pick in round five and No. 216 overall pick in the sixth round. Both picks are of the compensatory variety after losing Dalton Schultz and Connor McGovern in free agency last March. In the seventh round, Dallas will pick twice: at No. 233 and No. 244.

Recent history of Cowboys Day 3 picks


  • Viliami Fehoko 
  • Deuce Vaughn 
  • Asim Richards
  • Eric Scott Jr. 
  • Deuce Vaughn 
  • Jalen Brooks


  • Jake Ferguson 
  • Matt Waletzko 
  • DaRon Bland 
  • Damone Clark 
  • John Ridgeway 
  • Devin Harper

It's definitely difficult to have a perfect batting average on day three. The entire 2023 class left something to be desired, but in 2022 the Cowboys struck gold in Jake Feguson and DaRon Bland. They should also be proud of Damone Clark, who regressed in year two but should be a solid rotational player for however long he's in Dallas.

Last five No. 174 overall picks

  • Warren McClendon, OL, Rams 
  • Domonique Robinson, DE, Bears 
  • Earnest Brown IV, DE, Rams 
  • Larrell Murchison, DT, Titans 
  • KeSean Johnson, WR, Cardinals

Last five No. 216 overall picks

  • Dee Winters, LB, 49ers 
  • Curtis Brooks, DT, Colts 
  • Quincy Roche, DL, Steelers 
  • Kamren Curl, S, Commanders 
  • Nick Allegretti, C, Chiefs

Those picks won't inspire confidence in the Cowboys faithful. Kamren Curl is the only standout amongst the group. These are fifth- sixth-round picks we're talking about, but it's still concerning nonetheless.

Last five No. 233 overall picks

  • Andre Jones, DE, Commanders 
  • Dareke Young, WR, Seahawks 
  • Jake Funk, RB, Rams 
  • Casey Toohill, DE, Eagles 
  • Chandler Cox, RB, Dolphins

Last five No. 244 overall picks

  • Jalen Brooks, WR, Cowboys 
  • Christian Matthew, DB, Cardinals 
  • Gerrid Doaks, RB, Dolphins 
  • Nate Stanley, QB, Vikings 
  • Kaden Ellis, LB, Saints 

The jury is obviously still out on Jalen Brooks and other 2023 seventh-rounders. Kaden Ellis has developed into a nice player. He has 200 tackles 11.0 sacks over the last two seasons for the Saints and Falcons. Casey Toohill is also a passable rotational pass-rusher. The others, though, haven't panned out, which should give the Cowboys all the more incentive to trade up for a running back.

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