Cowboys clearly defending against Will Grier spilling beans to Patriots

New England Patriots v New York Jets
New England Patriots v New York Jets / Al Bello/GettyImages

The Dallas Cowboys are eager to get back in the win column Sunday against the New England Patriots, who are 1-2 on the season.

This is an intriguing matchup on multiple fronts. Not only will Ezekiel Elliott return Dallas for the first time since he was released in the offseason, but going up against a mastermind Bill Belichick presents its own separate challenge.

Belichick has proven to do whatever it takes to gain a competitive edge. Look no further than the Spygate and Deflategate scandals.

While the six-time champion isn't up to his old shenanigans, he understands the gap in talent between the Cowboys and his Patriots. In order to combat that, he signed former Dallas quarterback Will Grier to backup starter Mac Jones.

It's apparent Belichick wants some intel on the Cowboys' offense (and defense) and offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer basically admitted the team will be defending against Grier playing the role of bean-spiller.

Cowboys know Will Grier, Ezekiel Elliott could spill key information to Bill Belichick' Patriots

"You can use it to your advantage because they think they know what’s coming and they hear something and they think, ‘It’s this’ and we’re smart enough to adjust those things. Everybody does it, you get a player that’s been somewhere, you talk to him about different things, and then you’re very selective about how much you put into it. Excited to see Will, it’ll be great to see him, but I’m sure he is definitely being interrogated and spending a lot of late nights with their defensive coaching staff."

Brian Schottenheimer

That quote indicates Schottenheimer and Mike McCarthy will have to change some things up because of Grier's knowledge of the offense.

Grier spent the 2021 and 2022 seasons in Dallas, and though McCarthy installed his Texas Coast offense this offseason following Kellen Moore's dismissal, Grier likely knows all the intricacies of the head coach's system, whether it be hand signals, motion or audibles.

This is assuming Grier and Elliott told Belichick and the Patriots everything they know about the Cowboys' scheme. Regardless, Schottenheimer and McCarthy should play it safe and upshift the way the offense communicates for one week.

After all, Grier spent the entire offseason and preseason with Dallas before he was cut. He started the final preseason game (with Dak Prescott calling plays) and the only reason he was released is because the Cowboys traded for Trey Lance, which gave them one too many quarterbacks.

Grier was gutted to leave the Cowboys -- the locker room was just as devastated -- and there's a slim chance he's waived by the Patriots after Sunday. But that doesn't mean he won't be motivated to help arguably the greatest head coach of all time topple his former team, especially if Elliott is right there alongside him spilling the beans.

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