3 best-case scenarios for the Cowboys in 2023, 2 worst-case

What would it take for things to go perfectly right or horribly wrong for the Cowboys in 2023?
Dallas Cowboys, Dak Prescott
Dallas Cowboys, Dak Prescott / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages
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Tony Pollard's health becomes a problem

We have seen several different reports over the past few months when it comes to Tony Pollard recovering from that nasty ankle injury he suffered in the Cowboys' playoff loss last season. One of the most recent ones, though, has Pollard on track for the start of training camp, which is a huge positive.

Although Pollard said he doesn't see any limitations and that he even feels faster, at this point, there is always a possibility of re-injury. Every athlete is different, but when you go down with a gruesome injury like Pollard did, you never know what the future holds.

Should Pollard not be fully healthy or, God forbid, re-injure that ankle, the Cowboys might be in trouble. Dallas does have Malik Davis, whom they like a lot, and the smaller rookie Deuce Vaughn, behind Pollard. But, Pollard has proven to be in a class of his own.

Dallas misses the playoffs

A losing record would be outright unforgivable for this Dallas team, and missing the playoffs would likely get McCarthy fired. There should be absolutely no reason, barring multiple significant injuries to players like Dak Prescott or Micah Parsons, for the Cowboys to miss the postseason.

The NFC seems like it has a few elite teams in San Francisco, Philadelphia and Dallas. So, there should be no excuse for this team to make it in. If they don't, you can bet heads will roll.