3 best-case scenarios for the Cowboys in 2023, 2 worst-case

What would it take for things to go perfectly right or horribly wrong for the Cowboys in 2023?

Dallas Cowboys, Dak Prescott
Dallas Cowboys, Dak Prescott / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages
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Two years in a row, the Dallas Cowboys have finished 12-5 and looked like one of the top contending teams in the NFC.

Yet, two years in a row, Dallas has fallen short of making it even as far as the Conference Championship Game. Head coach Mike McCarthy has seen his team exit in the Wildcard Round two years ago, and in the Divisional Round just this past season.

For the Cowboys to make it past the Divisional Round and ultimately be able to call their 2023 campaign more of a resounding success, they'll have to hope for some ideal scenarios. Of course, things could also go horribly wrong for McCarthy and company.

Let's start with the positive: three best-case scenarios for the Cowboys in 2023.

Dak Prescott reverts to form in full health

When Dak Prescott returned from injury last season after having surgery on his hand, he was visibly not himself. There were some throws, and even games overall, that he looked a bit off. That was understandable, of course. There was going to be some rust. It could take a little while for Prescott to revert to form.

Now several months removed from his rehab and recovery, and able to go through an entire offseason with his healthy hand, Prescott should be ready to roll for 2023. Fans want to see that near-5,000 yard passer from a few years ago return. Even the 4,400-yard and 37 touchdown season from 2021 would be a welcomed experience.

One of the best things we could see in Dallas, this year, is a full season played by Prescott, where he finishes well over 4,500 yards and 35 passing touchdowns.